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Big Blue = IBM From today's Washington Post http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A43387-2002Oct30.html International Business Machines Corp. chief executive Samuel J. Palmisano said yesterday that his company is investing $10 billion in a business strategy aimed at getting corporate customers to pay for their computing power in much the way they now buy power from...
boot off the install disk and select the menu option for reset passwords. Hope this helps. AllInOne
[quote]Originally posted by fantastic happy dinner man: I'm relocating to either Anchorage, AK or San Jose, So I'm looking for recommendations in either city. [ 10-07-2002: Message edited by: fantastic happy dinner man ]
Take a look at dslreports.com. Much better forums for this kind of info than AI. I too have speakeasy and have had no problems with service in NYC.
[quote]Originally posted by qazII: I am trying to boot up in single-user mode on a Cube. I hold down Command-S and get to the prompt. However, the computer does not respond to anything I type. Strangely, if I disconnect and reconnect the keyboard, messages appear which seem to indicate that a HP printer is being plugged in. Any ideas?
can you try with another keyboard? Have you disconnected all your other USB devices? What are you...
[quote]Originally posted by AllInOne: Any ideas on how to fix?
I got the following advice on another forum: I renamed the file /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/HIServices.framework to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/HIServices.framework.old (I did this in Terminal with mv command) DVD plays fine now and haven't found any bad effects...
[quote]Originally posted by DaveLee: I had this problem when I installed a second drive in the second drive bay of the new powermac (OS 10.2 DVD player 3.0) after setting the regions for the drive. I re-installed some of the system software (just the additional apps I think) and the problem was sorted. Never found out what it was though.
How do I install just the additional Apps?
[quote]Originally posted by Rick1138: Thanks Mandicard I appreciate it.And no,not all sans serif fonts arealike,not all.Even the same font from two foundries can be quite different.
I know not all sans fonts look alike. My point was that if you think that Gil Sans (or london underground) is close to Verdana (which they don't to me) then relatively speaking many sans serif fonts look similar. There is just a whole lot more that you can...
There is a recall on Apple Airport base stations with the serial number range PW940... to PW952... These Airports had a tendency to blow their capacitors, resulting in the constant reset of the station. There's info on the Apple site somewhere. Mine broke too and they replaced it. If you serial in in the range call 800 SOS APPLE.
Well all sans serif fonts are more or less similar. Gil Sans is closer. Maybe close enough? http://www.adobe.com/type/browser/F/GILQ/F_GILQ-10005000.jhtml;jsessionid=3YD1OA452GEFFQFI0ILBT5OA VDJBIIV1
More data: updating to 10.2.1 has not fixed the problem i installed 10.2 on another partition on the same machine and DVD Player works fine when booted from that partition. Any ideas on how to fix?
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