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I have an Apple TV Gen 2, I've got the UFC and Dailymotion apps, but the YouTube app hasn't changed. Is this a gen 3 only update, or not rolled out worldwide yet? (I'm in the UK)
Quad Core Graphics card (Now the MBPs are NVIDIA maybe the GeForce GT 650M 512MB from the 13" MBP) SSD system drive with hard drive storage in the second bay. USB3 16GB RAM capacity
What is the benefit of using bouncy metal instead of metal?
How is this a competitor to an iPad or an Air? It is completely different to both of them. Unless it's because they are all computers with an OS and screens, in that case they're identical. In that case a Range Rover is the same thing as a BMW Z4, they both have wheels and people fit inside them.
Agree here too. The iPhone update is basically going to be a 4 with the white option, faster insides (a version of what's in the iPad 2) and maybe a 64GB version.
maybe this is just me, but now that the MBP is i5 and i7, and the iMac will probably follow suit, I think the Mac mini/MacBook/MBA will go up from Core2 to i3 to keep a difference in the ranges.
An Apple screen on a picture frame stand sounds familiar somehow... Ah yeah thats it .
AppleInsider, maths by Ralph Wiggum
Not my arm and I haven't got an iPad, I said I'd read about it being heavy one handed .
I've read a lot about the iPad being heavy to use one handed. Holding 1.5lb in one hand out in front of you in the same position for an extended period, like when reading, is going to be a strain after a while.
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