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They might keep on with the present 16GB as a low end, and have these prices for the new one. They did it with the iPod touch with the old 8GB and new 32 and 64GB models.
Yep, it's a mini VGA port.
I can see them placing MBA type flash on the board for the OS install, then a hard drive for file storage. Similar to the top iMacs with the 256GB SSD and 1TB hard drive, but replacing the SSD with flash on the board.
I'm running OS X 10.5 on my MacBook, minimum system for iLife 11 is 10.6.3 .
SJ saying 7" was small was in relation to the iPad screen being scaled down and being too small for fingers. A Macbook screen isn't touch screen so no problem.
Add to that 9" the size of the bezel, whatever size they make it. The current Air's screen bezel is pretty big.
So that's why they only say '2ghz Intel' as the processor!
I think iDVD getting rolled into iMovie should have happened a long time ago. Doing it now, they can put Youtube/iWeb etc streaming and digital copy formats into it as well as DVD writing.
I think the nearest equivalent to this would be a Sony Vaio X series - http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/...52921644667494 $1299 11.1" 1366x768 screen, SSD storage, 2GHz Intel, 2GB RAM, Memory Stick & SD slots, Wifi, Bluetooth, Verizon mobile broadband (3G?), 12 hour max battery, 0.55" thick, 1.6lb weight.
Apart from all the points already posted, there's no black plastic panel on the back for a wifi aerial, like the current touch, and like the leaked photo of an iPod touch with a camera a few months ago. Although, if the polished back photo above is the real thing, I am surprised they're going with that, I thought they might have made it a unibody aluminium back, like a mini iPad (but with a wifi aerial panel )
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