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Mac Pro - yes, probably using the new Intel stuff to get a 12 core processor machine. Cinema Display - yes, a 27" iMac without the Mac, and/or a higher resolution 30" (4k?) iPod touch - yes, refresh as an iPhone 4 without the phone (iPad processor, retina display, camera). Probably still with the 'iPod' metal back.
So will iPhone video chat be compatible with OS X desktop iChat? It would be a nice feature compared to normal phone to phone video chat.
Really? An international technology company that puts so much effort into its own image as Apple would have paper stock lying around that was years old? Here's a link for Apple's corporate identity. They would take it very seriously, here's a link to a PDF of their guidelines to Apple Resellers from November 2009, its very precise about what you can and can't do with an Apple logo, but here's a line from it - http://images.apple.com/legal/certif...guidelines.pdf"Outdated...
Newsbeat is the news site for Radio 1 though, so its not 'proper' serious BBC news.
If the back of the phone is a Magic Mouse style touchpad, then you can't use it when its in a case. I think that if this is the real iPhone, the back is just a wireless radio friendly glass/plastic/ceramic.
10 year old 'Grape' purple iMac G3 style logo and Garamond type on the letterhead? In 2010? Really?
Rethink Possible. Hmm, a bit like Think Different, but worse.
Send some feedback to Apple, iPad software like this probably won't be stuck to yearly updates like the Mac versions. Print support is supposed to be coming with the 4.0 software, but the rest could probably be done as an app update. If enough people feel the same and let Apple know directly through the feedback on the Apple site or reviews on the App Store, there's more chance of the situation changing.
Yep there is. 1. I have an iPhone, a few times, I've deleted an app and then re downloaded it from the phone, yes, you go back to the store and press 'Buy', but it realises you have already paid for it and doesn't charge you. (Disclaimer: I don't know if the same applies for other media from the store, but for apps, you redownload for free). 2. Printing support has been talked about for OS 3.2 or 4.0. Wait and see. Meanwhile, there are apps for that. 3. Apps for that, at...
An iPad sketch - http://www.funnyordie.co.uk/videos/167d70800c/the-ipad Peter Serafinawicz, as John The Apply Guy, previously did the Mactini and iToilet sketches.
New Posts  All Forums: