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This stuff about the family sharing and stickynote reminders sounds like its a mobile O2 Joggler to me. A family calendar organiser pad, marketed as the 'new fridge door'. http://yourfamily.o2.co.uk/o2familyjoggler
The iTunes store setup a the moment is set to the country you are in, so I get the UK store, but there is stuff that's on the US store not available here for me. I'd think that it would be the same situation for publications, so lets say for an example that the UK would get a Top Gear magazine, but that wont be in America, where you'll have Road & Track.
Games? I think Pop Cap will be pretty quick onto that one with Bejeweled, Peggle, Chuzzle etc. Oh and counting down to the first driving game with tilt steering control... And I think a big touch screen would be a good format, better than the iPhone, for the old Lucas Arts type stuff like Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Sam & Max... Some of these were HD updated for Xbox Live and Playstation Network as well as the iPhone, so the graphics quality shouldn't be a problem.
Oh anybody who's listening . I did think that 1080p on a panel that small would be a bit much, 720p is more likely. I was just wondering if there actually was anything 1080p of a similar size, that's usable as a portable.
When you're talking about 1080p capability on the tablet, are you talking about a 10" 1080p tablet screen, or 1080p video out to an external screen? After a quick google at netbook resolutions, 1366x768 is the top standard resolution for a 10", so thats ok for 720p on the tablet. 1920x1080 or 1200 on a 10" screen sounds like crazy talk.
So they have (possibly) ordered LCD and OLED screens... 2 models? iSlate and iSlate Pro?
For a sub Macbook price and position in the range, I thought it would have been a plastic unibody. But if it is aluminium, and still a sub Macbook price, thats all good.
What do you think the chances are of a colour e ink Pixel Qi screen? http://www.pixelqi.com/
Would they really kill the white Macbook, 2 1/2 months into its life as the unibody model, to make way for this tablet??
I think its going to be a plastic unibody mould, hopefully with the glass panel flush to the edges like an iMac. Maybe aluminium if they're feeling flush or can do it cheaply enough.Pressure sensitive like a Wacom would be nice, OS X already has a handwriting recognition - Inkwell.To minimise the holes in the machine - An iPod/iPhone type dock connection could have this built in, carrying the display signal, USB and power. Carrying on in a way from the Wacom idea, but...
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