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Are you still here? :eek: Move along, nothing to see. It's a Studio Display, end of story.
Pretty sure it's not a 17" CRT, the power buttons on those are real buttons, like on the front of a G4, the power buttons on flat panels (15/17/23" ones, not the 22") are touch sensors, and this looks like a touch sensor. The resolution on this looks like 640x480 or 800x600, and the flat panels can scale to lower resolutions at full screen (I've seen one do it) and the picture quality at scaled resolution is pretty half-assed (like in this pic, even if it is a screen grab...
The main reason why it happened, apart from the planes technical failure (engine cut out?) is that the show was in the Ukraine, where airshow safety standards are not as strict as western Europe (and probably USA), where the planes are not allowed to fly over or too near the crowd. In eastern europe, they do not have these rules, so the plane can basically fly where it wants to, ie, low flying stunt over the crowd line.
olli, that someone at macnn is me [off-site image]http://members.maclaunch.com/ajprice/newg4.jpg I posted it in the spymac gallery too, but it has disappeared now. Hmmm [Skeptical] . [ 07-24-2002: Message edited by: sysadmin ]

Quicksilver speaker grilles: http://www.machardware-kc.com/speakergrille/index.html they look like this:
It'll be either a new Xserve stylie metal case, or a colour tweak of the quicksilver, maybe with some small mods (front ports?)
http://www.dumpcomputers.com/crysneonopmo.html For more of a Pro Mouse look (also in white, silver and *ahem* purple). Listed as being for Windoze, but OS X can support any mouse can't it? so this is an option?
I also have a pro mouse, sometimes the mouse freezes for a few seconds, at first I thought it was USB Overdrive, which I installed recently, but it still does it. Any ideas?
Here's something I posted to Go2Mac a while ago. The doors contain speakers, the logo is clear plastic so that iTunes type visuals can show through when it's asleep with the doors closed. [ 12-01-2001: Message edited by: ajprice ]

Hello everyone, I'm ajprice. You may know me from such forums as MacNN. Here is my G5 case, enjoy!
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