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Interesting. Its a 2.53GHz, with 2 2GB sticks of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, no optical drive, Airport and Bluetooth. So is that a 3.5" hard drive taking the space of the usual 2.5" and optical drive, or 2 2.5" 500GB drives with the second drive in place of the optical? It did say somewhere about the possibility of a Mac Mini being sold with OS X Server, maybe its this with no optical drive?
I've been thinking of what the best way to upgrade is for me. The £25 update now, hang around for the next Mac Box Set with iLife/iWork 2010 editions, or just get a new Mac (of some kind) in a while to replace my white MacBook 2.16GHz with Intel GMA graphics. 10.6.0 will probably have a few issues to iron out with .1 and .2 updates, iLife & iWork 2010 is probably due early next year, and a few of the new updates in the system probably won't work on Intel GMA anyway.
Hmm, an Apple Cintiq type tablet would be interesting. It would have to have a wider audience than "it's for artists" though. But if it was for this purpose, are you seeing it as a remote graphics tablet for your desktop Mac, or as a single device that you would install Adobe CS4 onto? The minimum system for CS4 is a G5 with 1GB RAM and 10GB of disk space, if this tablet is a low energy Atom or ARM device, is it going to be able to run CS4 (or CS5 when that comes out) well...
Aw yess! Of all the places to see a Mark & Lard reference!!! Blu-ray must be one of the things, with the Bag of Hurt reference. No clue what the other might be though. SD card slot is probable, to go along with the MBP, maybe a bigger screen than 24"
I don't think the iPod classic has that long before it goes to the big Apple Store in the sky. The next iPod touch will probably be 64GB, and the cycle will probably continue in the future with 128GB etc. The current iPod classic is 120GB, iPod games have been completely outclassed by the iPhone App Store, and that hard drive is (comparatively) heavy to carry around. I don't think you can even get a hard drive based Walkman or Creative player now.
Have they fixed the AVRCP bug and enabled it on 3.1 yet?
Any news on whether they have fixed the bug in AVRCP for Bluetooth stereo?
O2 in the UK and the UK Apple Store still have Pay & Go iPhones. Maybe its (another) AT&T thing, and not an Apple thing?
A 17" laptop isn't that out of the ordinary. MBP's are quite thin, and lighter than most. If you want to see a big heavy portable, here's a Dell http://www.dell.com/content/products...en&s=dfh&cs=22
OK, my point was that the DVD drive isn't impeding on the ports because its on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COMPUTER!! Here's a picture - Hard drive and battery across the front, where the palmrest and trackpad is, DVD on the left and ports on the right of the picture. On the side of the case where the ports are, the ports run from the back edge and stop 2/3rds of the way along. so there are no ports where the battery is. I still dont know how a drive on one side of the machine...
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