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The DVD drive is on the right, the ports are on the left. The space isn't an issue because of the DVD drive, the battery and hard drive is probably whats taking the space.
One thing that got me thinking is Apple updating the Macbook to a Macbook Pro spec. OK the white Macbook is still there, but I think its a temporary measure until Apple release the much rumoured 10" 'netbook' class Mac, whether its a laptop or tablet form. The 13" Macbook is a step in a bigger picture, rearranging the laptop range and coming in at a lower price with a netbook type basic portable. The netbook rumours didn't make sense to me until yesterday because it...
I know it will let an iPhone control an accessory, would it work the other way around, with an accessory giving control over the iPhone? (keyboard, gamepad etc). Cases could be interesting, something like the LG Versa with a screen and basic control on the outside of the case, and a keyboard when its opened up. One niggle with the iPhone is that you can't tell if there's a message or missed call with the screen off. If there was a case with a message light on it that...
To be fair to bbwi, Macromedia had Dreamweaver and Flash while Adobe had GoLive and SVG. Adobe have taken on Flash and Dreamweaver as their own major products.
If they want to push the iPhone and iPod touch as a gaming device, they should give it all the power they can. I'd rate the current game graphics as above the DS/N64 and below a PSP/PS2, depends on the game. More powerful graphics would probably push it above the PSP/PS2, and with the advantage of motion sensors and touch screen, would give the PSP 2 a run, whenever that arrives.
So they had the blood pressure reader and the FM tuner, but there has to be so much scope for attached devices that use the iPhone as a controller. What do you want to see?
The pocket size tablets are the iPhone and iPod touch. This is about 10" portable 'netbook' devices not pocket computers, you can't put an EeePC in your pocket either. A Mac Netbook/Tablet is going to be used for on the go stuff, not a main computer, Office/iWork, web, email, and some iLife apps. If its a tablet, and has a nice design, with a dock or stand, it would make a decent digital photo frame too (linking to a Mac like an Apple TV does) for when its not in use as a...
I'd think it would be depending on which way up you hold it, like in Safari.
Here's a write up of the 'Roadmap' event from March 2008 - http://www.appleinsider.com/articles...map_event.html iPhone SDK announcement and beta, App Store announcement, game demos, Exchange demo, iPhone 2.0 dated for June 08. I'd expect iPhone 3.0 today to be a similar setup of announcements - new SDK, new features, demos of new apps/features, release date.
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