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http://shopper.cnet.com/buy-mp3-play...ce9%20asc#sortShow me a $10 player with 4Gb of storage and I'll tell you.
2 hours down now!! Its got to be soon?!?!!?
I'd pmsl if this was site maintenance :P
I'd guess that a lot of Acer's rise is due to people buying Aspire netbooks, as standalone or as part of mobile phone deals, those things are everywhere, probably more so now than EeePC's.
Double Post
What if... they replace Mac mini with an 'iMac mini' using this Atom in a smaller screen than the iMac, maybe 15" or 17". OS could be somewhere between full OS X and a simplified iPhone/Apple TV version. Similar thing to an Eee Top or Shuttle X50.
Bring back Kaleidoscope! The 10.0 aqua scrollbars are looking more and more odd the more OS X gets refined, from the white to the metal windows, then to iTunes style windows in Leopard, and now something different again!
If Apple did make a small tower or 25th Anniversary Mac model, and it used i7 processors, how would the i7 processor power compare with the quad and 8 core Xeon MacPro? I'd expect it to slot inbetween iMac and MacPro, in terms of power. There's a lot of confusion over the potential new desktops though, with the 28" iMac, Mac mini/Apple TV, xMac and whatever else there is flying around. Maybe they'll kill the iMac and sell packages with the 24" DisplayPort LCD (yeah right).
If you had a separate screen and Mac over the time the iMac has existed and had to have the matching Apple display there would be the screen upgrade VGA > ADC > DVI > Display Port... so people keeping up with the tech would be changing their screens anyway. Screens do last longer than the computer that comes with them are 'useful' though. In work my machine is a G4 with a 17" ADC port Apple Display (the silver/clear one), I'm fighting for a new Mac at the mo, and if/when...
Does any of this have any relation to resolution independence actually happening in Snow Leopard? RI is something thats been talked about and demonstrated for a long time, but never shipped in its full form.
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