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MW09 will be for desktops, no need to show off a 17" MBP or lower spec MB because they have given it the airtime hoo ha with the new MB and MBP 15". SJ said that Display Port will be brought in over the whole Mac line, so thats one feature we know about already. iMac - Update with Display Port, LED screen and Nvidia dual GPU as on the MBP, maybe with quad processors, and a little less chin. My understanding of the reasoning for the iMac's chin was to house the speakers in...
Unlikely to be an infra-red port as its around the side of the machine?? It is possible that the 'taped over port' might be an IR remote storage hole though, maybe the round hole is a release button to pop the remote out (floppy drive button style )
Put your MP3 files into Garageband from iLife 08, cut them down to under 40 seconds, then Share > Send ringtone to iTunes. Job done.
Front Row Remote - use the iPhone as a Front Row interface and remote. Paint app - A DS can do this - Colors . An iPhone should be able to have something at least as powerful. Office app - anything that can edit Office/iWork documents.
I don't get the battery life test while purposely leaving the wifi on, I'd still like to know some real figures for best case scenario battery life. I have a W850i at the moment. I only turn bluetooth on when i need it, no point in having it on when its not in use. The same goes for an iPhone, especially the 3G. I'm not going to be walking around with one in my pocket with the 3G, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth turned on. Use it as you need it and it will last longer.
That is normal for any UK phone contract.
MobileMe, when its activated, will sync contacts, calendar and mail between iPhone, Mac and PC, Mac OS X Address Book, iCal, PC Outlook and web. It also deals with images and your iDisk. http://www.apple.com/mobileme/features/ Music would be synced using iTunes on your Mac or PC, and your iPhone. I don't think its possible to sync iTunes between 2 computers, syncing between a Mac and PC would be more difficult. You could store your library on one of the computers, then...
i know apple mice are small, but I think they want you to rest your wrist in one place and move the thing around with your fingers. Oh and I don't like the MM either, and I've got a Logitech instead. I think Apple use the iPod touch as the iPhone nano equivalent - it has most things an iPhone has except the phone and camera, its thinner, and doesn't cost as much if you account for the price of an iPhone handset and contract. I know its no smaller than an iPhone except for...
Ok I didn't spell it the right way, I meant to say Groat. A unit of money - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groat I know it as a slang word for money, 5 groats or whatever. A generic word for a currency.
If they are going to charge, I hope they also give a free demo version, like the Trism game will. The price points will be interesting, is an iPhone app worth a few grotes like a mobile phone app or game, or do they charge more because its a mobile computer platform?
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