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This close to WWDC, I'd wait until after the show. Could be (and probably will be) other things announced as well as the iPhone stuff.
I wonder if the UK will get a second carrier alongside o2? Orange are getting a lot of action in Europe now.
The TV part could be iTunes Store video and podcast downloads, rather than a live mobile TV service. I can't see Apple putting live TV on the iPhone when they have been so against it on Front Row, iTunes and Apple TV.
The Mini had a 1" CF Hard drive. The standard iPods have 1.8" drives.
So if you bought a £169 iPhone on June 1st, there's 14 days to return the phone and get an exchange. WWDC is Monday 9th to Friday 13th June, the Stevenote probably on Tuesday morning USA time (Tuesday evening UK time), take it back on Wednesday morning and get a shiny 3G iPhone in exchange? Wonder if they'll let people do that...
The text is messed up on the MBP pic, as if a smaller font has been pasted on top of the original text.
I just want to know what AI's problem is with the mac mini, they love to wave the doom hammer around it whenever they get the chance.
And thats what I get for skim-reading the thread!
2 pages and nobody picked up on this - "We're releasing Silverlight on more and more mobile platforms, said Scott Guthrie, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President, Developer Division. "We'll release it on anything with an SDK." Anyone want to take bets on them developing an iPhone version of Silverlight?
There are 3 main criteria when you buy a laptop - price, power, and weight. Apple have the 3 bases covered now, Macbook for the lower cost, MBP for power and Air for light weight.
New Posts  All Forums: