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This is probably my twisted humour, but with a name like Kindle it would be funny if it had the exploding laptop batteries in it! Oh and its ugly and I don't want one, the Sony one looks nicer and seems to be a nicer size (the Kindle looks big to me)
Modbook Air. Bet they are working on it already .
The Air doesn't have an optical drive because its a lightweight computer that doesn't have what it doesn't absolutely need, and its a second computer. Macbooks and MBP's are not, and are going to have optical drives for the forseeable future. When everybody is on super duper broadband speeds fast enough and/or memory sticks are cheap enough to replace films on DVD or High Def discs, CD albums, game discs, software discs etc. then optical disc drives won't be so necessary.
Question: What happens when 1.1.4 is released, and you haven't 'bought' 1.1.3 and the apps?
Well technically the Macbook/Macbook Pro trackpads are multi touch (2 finger scrolling etc) so I'm hoping there will be a software update for existing computers to get the new multi touch stuff.
Yep, mini, nano, touch and classic are all lower case. Then again you've got Macbook products with Pro, Extreme, Express or Studio are upper case. So who knows!
http://9to5mac.com/macbook-air-2453564654 Cable-less Macbook, wireless USB(?)/WiMax(?)/Wifi/Bluetooth, power by induction. If anyone could do it, Apple could .
Hmm, a 24" iMac 2.8 is £1459, the Quad 2.8 Mac Pro is £1429 plus a screen. Spec the MP with the iMac hard drive size, wifi, and a screen and you're close to £2000. They could make room for an 'xMac' if they dropped the MP Quad and made the 8 core a proper Workstation Mac. Then drop the iMac 2.8 as a standard model. There's a £600 gap from the iMac 2.4 to the MP standard spec, easily space in the range for a small screenless model with a Core2Duo 2.8 or the quad version...
Not sure whats going on with that iPhone display. does look like the iPhone screen has shifted down with a part of a Mac desktop above it. So these things are an LCD in a box? Has the display crashed?
IR port could be hidden, on the white G5/Intel iMac it was behind the grey  logo.
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