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looool officially worst rumor story ever. Couple months late for April fools guys.
Hello, +1 for this, I'm interested to know too.   Currently on 10.6.8 but having an increasing amount of drop-outs and mis-connections with my Sennheiser MM 550-X bluetooth headphones. They work perfect on my iPhone 4S so I'm guessing it's a software issue with Mac OS X, hence I'm wondering if 10.8 is any better with stereo bluetooth?
Just got mine in too "We are processing your order and will send you an email confirmation shortly"Yay
Got as far as the last page on Apple Store (UK), clicked Place Order Now button, it greyed out and then done nothing... not ideal
That is an awesome Mac, I wish I had the money when those came out. Also wish I bought a cube. -Ed
If Apple do it in colours and there's an anodized pink version then I'll buy one for my Mum to replace her well used 400MHz Strawberry iMac. -Ed
Enough pixels for you? -Ed
OMFG DHagan, demand a replacement or a full refund, that is outrageous!! -Ed
so frustrating... I have an '02 BMW 318 with no CD-changer so my car meets the criteria perfectly... apart from the fact that I'm in the UK and not the States!! Grrrr -Ed
Wes, I too was in a very similar situation earlier this year - the 15" is tempting, but I decided to go with the 12" simply for the fact that I would be taking my PowerBook to meetings and when I work off-site. The PowerBook is also my main machine, so I purchased Apple's bluetooth k/b & mouse and a 23" Cinema Display with the DVI-ADC adaptor. I have no regrets! As for performance difference, I can kinda see you leaning towards the 15" if you wanna play games as...
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