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Thanx for that FormerLurker. I'm aware of TargetDisk mode, and you make a very good point, I hadn't considered this. However, would I be getting the most out of the G5 if I was solely using the PowerBook's hard drive? Obviously I'd have to have a 7200RPM HD in the PB, but would the FireWire interface be a bottleneck? Would a FW800 connection between the G5 and the PB mean twice the speed? How much faster is the G5's internal HD on the SATA interface? Thanx again -Ed
Hi Luca Thanx a lot for your reply, much appreciated. I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one finding Stuido MX 2004 slow, I'm tearing my hair out at how slow it is, my rates have just doubled for Flash sites!! You made a lot of intersting points, and I'm aware that the G5s haven't been updated since their June announcement last year, so I wouldn't be buying one right now. Unfortunately the whole point of moving from my PowerMac/iBook combination to the...
Hi Guys OK, here's the deal: I'm a freelance web designer and use the following software apps daily: Macromedia Studio MX 2004, Adobe CS Premium, MS Office v.X, MS RDC, Address Book, iCal, iTunes, Mail, Safari, IE, Netscape. I do web design and graphic design and dabble in Logic Pro for fun. Sometimes play Halo and Q3. I have a need for a portable system as I often work away from home. I've recently 'upgraded' from a PowerMac G4 (Dual 1.25, 1Gb, 120Gb @ 7200rpm) and...
Just an FYI for any UK buyers out there looking at copping a 12" PB G4: On the Apple Store, the 80Gb hard drive option in the UK only gives you a 4200rpm drive, as opposed to 5400rpm in the US! TCS Macs will, however, sell me a maxed out 12" PB G4 for £1712 including VAT, which is a Superdrive model with 1.25Gb RAM and a 60Gb 7200rpm hard drive. Hope that helps any UK buyers out there. -Ed
I'd like to see the 7200rpm HD that Hitachi offers as a BTO option on the next 12"... at the mo I'm looking at purchasing and the best I can have is a 4200rpm HD! The Hitachi (which I've installed in one of my Pismos) is only 9.5mm high, so I don't see why it can't be used in the 12"?? Also, ATI graphics would be nice too...
The 15" is the most popular, according to one Apple rep I spoke to at MacExpo, and also it ranks in the top 10 bestsellers on the AppleStore (along with the iBook 12").
i'd cop one in an instant! black metal is lush
You got over it pretty quick. Very nice website, BTW. You got skills.
How old are you?
Hi kittylitterdesign I'm in the UK and a mate of a mate of mine is a proud owner of a 17" PowerBook G4, I saw it with my own eyes last month, so I'm assuming that some are shipping in the UK by now? -Ed
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