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[quote]Originally posted by Sinewave: No it put OS X ready on all hardware that was supposed to be Ready for OS X. OS X ready means it's ready for OS X. Having features of OS X not work in these computers makes them NOT OS X ready.
errm, just to point out, I'm quite sure that at the time Apple was plastering "OS X Ready" on it's products it deliberately left out the bottom-end iMac and iBook... and they had only 64Mb RAM. So I think it's...
LMAO!! nice 1
Kewl! [Chilling] Thanx guys!
LoL! yeah, how do u change it? tho i must admit, i haven't had the time to go thru all the possibilities yet... will do when i get a minute...
schweet, thanks guys
okay, this one's really been buggin for quite some time: how do i change the 'Computer' icon from that purple iMac to something relevant (like a PowerBook G3 for instance). I was expecting there to be something for this in SysPrefs or something... [Skeptical] any help would be greatly appreciated Thanx!
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