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Hiya Does anyone know what the fastest graphics card is that will run a 23" Cinema Display from a B&W G3? i.e. what PCI graphics cards can handle a DVI output (or ADC if possible!) at 1920 x 1200? Many thanks in advance, -Ed
Fran, have u seen this m8? http://www.oqo.com/
I'm a web designer and I'm currently looking at that site through an iBook (12.1" 1024 x 768) and I didn't even notice the text being at all unreadble... in fact I doubted for a second that we were even talking about the same site?! The text is perfectly legible to me. However, I think the resolution on the new TiBooks is excellent; I thought the res on this iBook was going to be inappropriate but I'm used to it and I think it works great. kittylitterdesign, I once...
my guess is October, as they updated the PowerBooks in October last year
[quote]Originally posted by mistermacmike: SECRET INFORMATION! I stumbled upon the long awaited pics of the setup for TigerWoods99!! This is amazing! We all knew it had to be good- but nobody saw this one coming... [Surprised] [Surprised]
That's easy: web and print design? Sound editing? The obvious choice is the one with the Cinema Display - 1600 pixels vs. 1280 pixels is a no-brainer for the line of work you do. What do you need to burn DVDs for? And what do you need a GeForce4 Ti for, either? Choice number one.
I agree, I'd love to see Optical Digital I/O on a PowerMac, but then again, there are PCI cards out there that do the job. In my case (PowerBook G3 500) I have a USB-to-Optical Digital output adapter and the quality is (and has been for a year) excellent. Here's hoping for an all-new G4 this Summer!
I think the 23" is being overlooked. If you read the tech specs it shares the same brightness and contrast ratio as the 17" which was previously the brightest display. Thus, the quality of the display is better than it's 22" predecessor as well as the fact that it's a higher resolution and physically larger in size. At £2599 +VAT I think it's worth the money. Our MD spent almost twice that last year on a 24" Samsung with a resolution equal to the new ACD.
[quote]Originally posted by CommonSense: God, this is the most annoyingly overused, cliched-*** , "hey, look at me! I'm so cutting edge" lame, white-teen-into-hip-hop-music-and-web-design font I've seen in years. That said . . . what is it? (Yes, I have a chip on my shoulder as a former hip hop fan who used to be really into the underground stuff up until about 1995-96, when I finally gave up and decided the commercializiation of it was irreversible. ...
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