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[quote]Originally posted by TigerWoods99: Nope I didn't pay for anything.
Hey TW Who paid for your set-up, and how much is it worth?
I've got a thing for black and white. Below is my trusty PowerBook G3 with 500Mhz processor, 1Gb RAM, 32Gb HDD and 512k ADSL via AirPort. Videologic's Sirocco Pro Series amp which drives the two sattelite speakers and subwoofer.
I think most people here share the view that MOSR is spewing. Yet we all keep visiting the site and racking up their hits. It's like a bad car accident. You just can't help but look.
Got a company iBook (I'm the only Mac user in the company) and it turned a lot of heads when I 1st got it. iBook 2001 12", 640Mb RAM, 15Gb HDD, DVD, AirPort. I highly reccomend it, best thing about it is it's robustness, size and weight... thus I don't see the attraction in a 14.1" iBook, but I haven't seen one in person so I can't really comment.
Any of the current Macintosh range if it was finished in a lush black colour... and if it was different textures like the iBook is so u have matt black, then a glossy black... yeah, that'd be lush, I'd order that tomorrow if it was released.
[quote]Originally posted by glurx: And a demonic cackle as its startup sound.
And the Superdrive really does burn DVDs... muahahahahaaaaaa... Put my name down for a black iBook.
I finally received my iBook 600 from work and I can't tell the difference in speed between it and my PowerBook G3 500 at home. The iBook has 640Mb RAM and the PowerBook has 1Gb. I don't know if the RAM helps, but the iBook pretty much feels as fast as the Pismo. I love 'em both!
[quote]Originally posted by Cosmo: Also when 1GB chips come out, will the ibook be able to recognize them?
This PowerBook G3 500 I'm typing on is running on two 512Mb chips, although Apple states it can only take two 256Mb chips.
[quote]Originally posted by rbald: You have spent a load of money on apple computers! Iam sure they love you! [Chilling] [Chilling]
You're right, I must have wasted an awful lot of money. I'm so silly, aren't I, rbald? In fact I added it up... must be about $9999.99 worth of equipment... which gives me enough change from...
[quote]Originally posted by KidRed: Ok, I got Qlll, where do you get the info? the scrore or fps, etc?
Hi KidRed thanks for taking time out to run these tests. To do an FPS test, at the main screen hit the ~ key. That should bring up the console. Then type: timedemo"1" demo demo001 where "demo001" is the name of the demo (it may be different on the demo version of Quake. If that doesn't work, try "four.dm66" I THINK... ah shit,...
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