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Told. You. So. (to the people who were slamming MacUser UK)
[quote]Originally posted by Ti Fighter: Is the g4 processor and the better video card in the Ti worth the extra 200 bucks and loss of cdrw of the ibook 14.1. Do you think their will be a huge difference in performance in normal use and velocity engine appz.
Personally, I'd have the PowerBook because of: • The 16Mb Radeon Graphics card • Extended desktop (dual screens) • G4 Processor • 15.2" screen (extra 128 pixel width!) • Less weight
Try connecting an external mouse or keyboard to the iBook, then close the lid (which should put it to sleep). Then wait a few seconds and wake it up by clicking the mouse or hitting the space bar on the keyboard. Then lift the lid and voila... it should be running on just the external monitor... can't say I've tried it on an iBook yet, though!
[quote]Originally posted by SpiffyGuyC: There is NO excuse for the CD-RW model. As the "pro" alternative to an iMac, all models should be shipping with a Superdrive. Does anyone here disagree?
As cool as it would be to have SuperDrive's accross the range, I think it's highly doubtful- as JD said, how many people wanna burn DVDs? Personally I'd like to see the SuperDrive as a BTO option as I'm a bit miffed as to why the 733 model can't...
[quote]Originally posted by EmAn: Wow. Another G4 rumor about when it'll be released.
Don't be so quick to sunb it. They don't make many predictions, and they're normally very close to the time of announcement, but they have a 100% track record. Time will tell...
[quote]Originally posted by Macintosh: There should be no age limit as long as you know your shit.
hmm, i think as long as u know ur shit and u can communicate ur shit in a professional manner, then yes, there shouldn't be an age limit. Saying that u have to be 18 basically reduces the chances of getting immature 'kids' wanting to work for them (though I think most of the ppl on this board who are under 18 demonstrate more maturity...
Hi all Just to give you a heads up, MacUser UK predicts new PowerMac G4s tomorrow with modest speed bumps up to a dual 1Ghz G4. They reckon it will be announced in a press release- keeping it very low profile. I'm looking forward to it! -Ed
[quote]Originally posted by danho: "Whats going to sell the tower now that the iMac's a G4? " Assuming minimal speed bumps, no faster busses, RAM, etc, DUAL processors across the tower line would differentiate the tower from the new imac. Apple could price the low end tower at around 1700 (sans superdrive), so that a complete system would cost about $1K more than the imac, but deliver potentially much greater performance. That's my story and I'm sticking to...
[quote]Originally posted by Spart: No, 200MHz.
Wakey wakey, the half the iBook range are on 66Mhz bus speeds, the iMacs are on 100Mhz bus speeds. I'm doubtful we'll see a bus-speed increase to 200Mhz. This is Apple we're talking about.
[quote]Originally posted by Escher: By the way, does anybody remember the PowerBook 1400's 11.3" screen?
Yeah, I used to have a 1400c once upon a time. It had an 800 x 600 resolution and it wasn't a bad display for it's time (although there were a lot of dead pixels on it, unfortunately). I too hope for an Apple subnotebook, but I doubt it'll be produced considering Apple's current product matrix. applenut, I disagree that the 14.1"...
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