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[quote]Originally posted by Ti Fighter: i was talking about this in a earlier thread but..I am thinking of buying a 400 pismo with 320 ram, dvd, zip drive, 6 gig HD for $800 from my friend, and will prob add a firewire 60 gig HD and a 512 chip. I'm thinking of doing this cuz I'm waiting for the new towers to come out and i want a laptop and i can't really afford two new comps at the same time. So my question is it gonna suck in osX? I also want to run final cut pro...
[quote]Originally posted by philbot: There WILL be a G5 PM announced next week, you can order it, but it won't ship till March. Speed: 800DP, 1000DP, 1200DP The current PM line will all be DP Apollo 800, 900, 1000 Mhz immediately. Powerbook will ship 733 and 867. In a few days you will see...
It's quite clear this guy doesn't understand bus multipliers. Is Apple gonna move back to 100MHz bus speed? [where is that skeptical icon??]
[quote]Originally posted by _ alliance _: another 18 year old w/ a bimmer... *sigh* either everyones completely spoiled, or everyone has a very high paying job... or theyre alot cheaper in england than here in the states... sh*t, i thought the kids i went to high school w/ are spoiled... but apparently everyone gets that deal, eh? im happy w/ my affordable honda, ty very much. which model is it btw? the only one that can compete w/ my Teg is the 328, and...
Below is a picture of what my 3 series will look like when it arrives this summer (ordered it on import as car prices in the UK are astronomical). It's the biggest purchase of my life!! Before I ordered it, the most expensive thing I had bought was this tricked out PowerBook G3 I'm typing on. Insurance for this puppy is £2390.45 (go on, work that out in your currency... i dare ya ) as I'm only 18 and have no bonuses. [ 01-17-2002: Message edited by: Evil Ed ]

2ble post [Skeptical] [ 01-17-2002: Message edited by: Evil Ed ]

reading about the comp i thought it might be right up that bird Kate's street. Has anyone checked out her homepage site?
Why do Sainsbury's sell Hot dogs in jars of 8, and the bread baps to go with them in packs of 6? That really gets on my nerves.
[quote]Originally posted by Power Apple: I was about the buy a TiBook (667) myself, but now I have ordered an iMac instead. I will still buy a TiBook this year, but I will wait for it to be upgraded to at least the speed of the new iMac. (hopefully it will get a G5)
LoL! Are you hoping for a G5 PowerBook? I predict we'll see them in the thrid quarter... ...of 2004.
[quote]Originally posted by Eugene: Cobra, I still think that's faulty logic. Yes, the iMac has one model with a DVD-RW drive. However, there are two models without that drive. The Power Mac is a whole other line, and they SHOULD have a model that doesn't come with a DVD-RW drive. Not everybody that walks into an Apple Stor or CompUSA is going to want a Power Mac and a DVD-RW drive. [ 01-14-2002: Message edited by: Eugene ]
[quote]Originally posted by pscates: AND, you can get their throwaway skanks...er, groupies! A little money in your pocket AND a mild case of the clap. Rock on!
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