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Nobody knows why or how to fix it?
I will test that out by leaving a window open but the other computer doesn't quit even when there is no window open.
It may just be a bug but this computer has always done this and none of my other computers have ever done this. I may just have to live with it but when it stops a download in progress it is really obnoxious
I can't figure out why it does it. My old Mac Mini is being used by my mother and that computer doesn't do it. There is no option I can find that says quit safari at a certain time
I have ghostery, adblock and clicktoplugin
For some reason if I leave my computer and come back later Safari has quit by itself. I can't figure it out. In energy saver I unchecked the box to put the computer to sleep a long time ago. Any ideas?
Hey, When I open Safari I keep getting Firewall Lite popping up masking me to get this app. How are they able to do this when I have it set to open to an empty screen when starting up safari? I deleted my cookies and history and it still keeps happening. I have ghostery, adblock lite and clicktoflash installed. I wonder if it's from the same makers as adblock lite, if so that's unnerving and I will delete it immediately
I don't want to put more money into this Mini so I'm going to wait until Apple upgrades the next Mini and buy one with 16Gb RAM and a SSD drive.
Ahhh, thank you for that! I thought when the green bar was short it was OK and if it stretched all the way to the end it was pressure. It was green when I had 4Gb RAM so I guess I didn't need the upgrade!I did notice that with activity monitor open and only one safari page open RAM used was about 3.4Gb when I had 4Gb RAM installed, now it uses 3.0 Gb with the 8Gb installed. I thought that was odd.In any case, thank you for clearing that up! Can't wait for the next OS...
It's not a number, it's a green bar. It goes all the way across to the other side
New Posts  All Forums: