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I don't know what the deal is. I go to my wish list and the songs are listed but there's no option anywhere to purchase them. Even clicking on the little arrow next to each song has no purchase option.   I'm stumped (and a little annoyed)
Not crazy about it, I just want a cohesive page like yahoo with weather, stock quotes, news, etc
Hey all, I'm looking to switch from the yahoo homepage (and yahoo mail, finance, sports, etc) because the new CEO is screwing everything up. Any ideas on what to switch to? Right now MSN.com and outlook.com seem like a safe bet but I'm not crazy about MSN and I'm not a microsoft fan.
Oh, sorry, they were on the second page. Thanks for the tip
The apps don't show up on launchpad
Is there an easy way to uninstall app store apps? Can it be uninstalled from the app store? I don't see any way to do it-it gives the option to install but I see no option to uninstall. Thanks
I've never seen that warning but i do have websites that just won't function well with safari but that could be another issue
Then I guess I'll leave it be
I guess I don't have java installed since the updater says I have nothing to update. Is there an advanatage to installing java? Does it make web surfing better in any way?
OK, this is freaking me out a little. I locked my network system preferences. A log in password is needed to unlock it. When I go to network preferences I see it unlocked and I didn't do it. I lock it and check the next day and it is unlocked again. This doesn't happen with my other locked preferences. What can cause this?
New Posts  All Forums: