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I don't want to put more money into this Mini so I'm going to wait until Apple upgrades the next Mini and buy one with 16Gb RAM and a SSD drive.
Ahhh, thank you for that! I thought when the green bar was short it was OK and if it stretched all the way to the end it was pressure. It was green when I had 4Gb RAM so I guess I didn't need the upgrade!I did notice that with activity monitor open and only one safari page open RAM used was about 3.4Gb when I had 4Gb RAM installed, now it uses 3.0 Gb with the 8Gb installed. I thought that was odd.In any case, thank you for clearing that up! Can't wait for the next OS...
It's not a number, it's a green bar. It goes all the way across to the other side
I bought the 8Gb Kit from Crucial. It's showing up as 1333mhz so it looks like it's working fine, but it made absolutely no difference to the poor performance. Someone on the MacRumors forum mentioned that the beta update for yosemite seems to help with RAM allocation so maybe the next update will improve things. I sure hope so!   I also wonder whether the separate graphics card could be an issue. I gave Apple feedback and mentioned this
Still sluggish, no change in performance at all. Oh well, $100 down the tubes!
OK, will do, thanks 
I installed it, took 5 minutes. The computer is no faster though, so it's disappointing.  Also, when I check the activity monitor the green memory pressure bar is all the way across, not sure what this means but my Mini is using 3Gb out of the 8Gb available so I would think memory pressure would be low?
Thanks for the info, do you think I should wear sneakers since they have rubber bottoms? My floor is wood
Hey all, I want to change the RAM on my mid 2011 Mac Mini. Is it absolutely necessary to use a anti static wrist strap? Thanks
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