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Blackberry CEO to publicist: "I want to burnish my public image, give me some ideas".   Publicist: "Let's release a series of short articles opining on the shortcomings of various competitors. Let's start with Apple".   BB CEO: "Great!"
A wrist-mounted device with a gyroscopic sensor could be used to capture gestures in 3-d space, blurring the lines between an epileptic fit and operating your iPhone.   Wonder if iWatch is the main reason for the seemingly over-generous settlement with Swiss Railways.
Ashton Kutcher isn't really an actor. I mean, he plays an actor in real life but all you really get is Ashton "That 70's Show" Kutcher. I don't think I could bear to watch and hear Michael Kelso, dim-witted pretty boy, trying to channel Steve Jobs.
Yucky yuck yuck. Because he cares so much about ME, Larry Page wants Apple and Amazon to change their entire business and Google "be allowed" to do everything it wants. That kid has a real future in Washington D.C., or even better, the U.N.
Orwell didn't foresee we'd do it to ourselves, at our own expense and thinking how great it was.
I'm 54, but I wasn't referring to chronological age. Every technology, no matter how revolutionary and elegant in the beginning matures into bloated dogma with most people convinced that's just the way it has to be. Apple is the only big manufacturer that repeatedly shows it is willing to sabotage its most successful products with what they believe is a better way. As long as feature size continues to shrink this is the only way we consumers will continue to benefit from...
Cue the chorus of oldsters tiring of innovation and the effort it takes to wipe the slate clean and change paradigms.
Don't confuse metaphors with skeuomorphs. Software graphic metaphors such as Desktop, Folder, Spinning Watch and Trashcan are what made Macintosh "the computer for the rest of us" by associating familiar visual cues with similar virtual concepts. The Trashcan icon per se is not skeuomorphic, but in OSX its realistic rendering is a skeuomorphic treatment.   The skeuomorphic orgy of Game Center has its roots in Job's original vision for a computing environment that was...
Sinofsky's comments remind me of what DOS and then Windows power users have always said about using Apple products; "that's not REAL computing". These are left-over echoes of the high priesthood of computing that only a select few had the intelligence and dedication to enter into. Microsoft products have always appealed to those who thought REAL computing must be damn hard and therefore users of Apple products were merely playing with toys. Sounds like Microsoft is...
well, it's not like one's a dead ringer of the other ...  
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