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This isn't "useful" in the traditional sense, as much as it serves as a warning that seemingly useless data, like battery use, which presumably is not something that is heavily guarded, can in fact be used to piece together location data, and thus circumvent privacy settings on the device. For instance, consider a user that has switched off allowing the Facebook app to access location data, for obvious reasons. Simply by recording login information from, say, known wifi...
"Europe" is the wrong term to use in a case such as this. Europe is vastly diverse. Established payment systems aside, Germany is notoriously privacy-sensitive, as opposed to the UK and especially the Netherlands. Adoption of Apple Pay (and other novel payment systems) in Yerp will be an interesting phenomenon.
"In use at" is not the same is "used exclusively by all employees of".
Yes, you do: sand.
That's not how software versioning works.   .tsooJ
Your Aperture library isn't a single file.   .tsooJ
No. In the old system, you scrolled the scroll bars. With the two-finger gesture on a trackpad, you scroll the content.   .tsooJ
They own a shit-ton of patents.   .tsooJ
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