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That's not how software versioning works.   .tsooJ
Your Aperture library isn't a single file.   .tsooJ
No. In the old system, you scrolled the scroll bars. With the two-finger gesture on a trackpad, you scroll the content.   .tsooJ
They own a shit-ton of patents.   .tsooJ
No.   Windows Mobile/Windows Phone is built on top of Windows CE. Windows Phone 8, however, will be built on Windows NT, like desktop Windows has been since Windows 2000.   Windows CE isn't going away anytime soon; it's a hugely successful embedded OS. It just won't be the underpinnings of Windows Phone anymore.   .tsooJ
Um, no, you haven't.   .tsooJ
Unlikely. Uniformity is one of the hallmarks of Apple's stores. Here's what they had up on the Amsterdam store before it opened:   Orange being the Dutch national colour, and the three Apples referencing the coat of arms of Amsterdam:   But, once the store opened, it was all white Apple logo's, like anywhere else.   .tsooJ
Your reasoning is also quite pathetic. They are advertised as cheaper models, with fewer features. Is it promised, anywhere, that the feature set will expand in the future if you choose to buy the "lesser" model, now?   You really should evaluate whether or not the purchase price is worth the feature set you are getting for your money. If you were to get new features later on, great, but does it diminish your getting your money's worth at purchase time if some features...
New Posts  All Forums: