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If you so afraid of stealing your data you better hide in a cave and forget about life.I use Clean Master and a Android phone and nothing ever happened.
I know someone who is 90 and uses a mini today. Your dad will be just fine with this.
You are kidding right? 3D
Nothing wrong with it. I use it on my Samsung A-7 phone with no problems at all.
Don't believe everything you see and read.Malarkey!
There is a wild rumor going around an i phone 7 will be out eventually. It never stops does it.
Right On!
Your opinion is worth about the size of a deflated balloon.The entry level is a great concept for people just starting out in the Mac field and cannot afford the more expensive products in their line.
There are a lot of good phones where the battery cannot be removed.
Also in the Philippines and Hong Kong this is widely sold.
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