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Also in the Philippines and Hong Kong this is widely sold.
I tried to install the newest Adobe Flash several times already and it keeps from installing. I closed all my browsers and nothing happens. States on the 3rd step installation stops. Please can anyone advice me on this problem. Using Yosemite and Firefox. Thanks
If you want real beauty buy a Tag Heur which has real craftmanship. This watch meaning the Apple is a complete waste of money.
 It looks like the old 2008 model the MBA which first came out in that year.No big deal at all.
Not Asus .
Terrific vocabulary you have.
You are  a fine human being to say what you mean and mean what you say.I hate guns period! These violent games they create are pure garbage which destroys our children's thinking capacity today.
Who in their right mind would bring a gun to school  even if is was unloaded.What year was this may i ask?
Don't knock third world countries the people who live there have the same right as others to buy Apple products if they want and have the money.
The fifteen year old is spoiled asking for such an expensive product today.Let the 15 year old work    for it like delivering groceries or any part time job they can get.Working for it they assume some responsibility in their lives not just asking for it.Yes i phones are expensive in our staggering economy today.
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