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Seventy million dollars to Apple is peanuts really. I am glad Apple is using some of their money for a great cause.
I had mine replaced 3 times already.
Apple cares about ecology but screws our government by avoiding paying taxes which they owe!
It depends what you put inside your Mac Mini. Better SSD and more Ram and a more expensive monitor and keyboard and track pad or mouse naturally the price goes higher with a faster processor also.Maybe you do have a point about the i mac model.
Windows 8 sucks anyway.
Really amazing architecture to look at.
Good thinking on your part.
The Belkin is not good at all. Quality control is poor. Your second choice you listed is a better concept.
Save your eye sight and buy a bigger screen many eye doctors have toldĀ  me that.The i pad will ruin your eyes eventually by using it all the time.
Enjoy it and I wish you best of luck with it.
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