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The i phone is a over hyped nothing!
If Apple is so great why do they keep changing their i phones every 6 months or so? Making more money not caring about a consumer who saved up to buy this product to last for at least 1 year or more.
I am not Jr;. Have some sachel for Christ sake.
Learn how to spell Samsung before knocking the company.
I guess you know zero about Samsung stating this dumb remark of yours.Samsung could care less if you have their products or not!
Great phone I own it.
What the hell is so great about Apple? Samsung galaxy 6 Edge is a flagship phone.
Gimme a Break!
If you so afraid of stealing your data you better hide in a cave and forget about life.I use Clean Master and a Android phone and nothing ever happened.
I know someone who is 90 and uses a mini today. Your dad will be just fine with this.
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