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Curious why don't Apple open a store in the Philippines?
Anything can happen with Apple.4inch screens are more handy to use than the bigger ones.Less clumsy.
That is your opinion I beg to differ with you.
I would not be to proud of your boasting you smoke a lot of weed. Eventually your psychological behavior will go to numbness of your thinking capacity. You are inhaling poison in your system.
Just to soak the consumer for more money that is all Apple wants.
Another loud mouth know it all responds back!Your posts are not that great either!
Why Samsung makes dam good products. I own some and never had a problem with them.
Put them away for life.Perhaps chop their hands off like in some Middle Eastern countries.
What is so great about stealing the phones? You would not say this dumb crack if it was your warehouse they broke into and stole these phones.
He is afraid of the truth what he may find out about Apple is not always 100% great and they have flaws like other cellphone makers.
New Posts  All Forums: