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He likes to be in the lime light I see all the time.Steve Jobs was just the opposite. Very subdued.
I had that problem with my MBP 2011 model and they replaced the battery free of charge.No complaints  I have about that type of customer service.
Now you are talking investment.The Daytona use to be a great watch years ago.
Rolex is an investment. Apple watches are a joke!
Battery problems are very common in Apple products. They should help you in this problem of yours and not charge you this exorbitant fees they have.
Rolex keeps their value after years of use. Apple no!
Would you pay $349.00 for this watch ?
Forget the Mac Mini that is a dead item I think now.
This is the biggest joke Apple created this watch.Gimme a Rolex any day.Big deal a small computer on your wrist.
Kid yourself pal Apple could not touch Samsung in the Far East or even in the states.
New Posts  All Forums: