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Crap coming from these countries which are made poorly and no great workmanship involved.Made in the USA!
It figures it would come from India a 3rd world country.
What is going on with this nonsense being posted here in some of these forums? Spammers I think are taking control.
Put your comments in the political section. Not here!
Samsung is the top manufacturer in Asia and is becoming very popular in the states now. Don't laugh so much.
Good idea Mac Mini thread.There is a site called 123 Mac Mini which is all about mac mini systems and other software they it uses.
I beg to differ with you but Samsung makes good products and they are very durable also.
Very similar indeed.
I am curious why do you say this about this particular model? I have a Samsung Champ phone now. Are you going to tell me my phone is better than this Apple 3 G ?
Hopefully the mac mini will survive some how.Who really knows with Apple?
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