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The new Mac pros are much faster than the older models and have better graphic cards and quality is much more reliable.I own one now.
Why shouldn't they bring out a new MM in your opinion?
Give it a rest!
You are 100% right. Not enough profit for the greedy Apple Company and T. Cook to introduce a new MM machine.If Steve was alive he would have by now for sure.
We are not in kindergarten here !
Good for China. Let Apple sweat a little with their changing products so often and the poor consumer keeps losing money like that.China does not trust the U.S. at all. Cannot blame them.
Maybe i am a robot you are plain Boring!
Wait a little longer maybe the new MM will come through.
Great little machine to use and have. Very versatile indeed.
Forget it. You are on your own on this one.Four years old are you kidding?
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