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With Apple anything could be possible.We shall see soon.
The MM is a decent computer and a reliable one also.Sadly Cook who had more gumption than he has should come out with a newer model and stop modifying the dumb i pad airsĀ  which are worthless in my opinion.
What about the Philippines?
Thanks for your response. It is not a battery issue.
Truthfully speaking NO. Hopefully perhaps.
Lately my magic track pad freezes up on me and I shut it down and than it works again.It is about 3 years old now.What is happening? Thanks
I doubt if any you really know the best headphones to buy and listen to is GRADO.Expensive but worth it. Bose is pure crap now. Years ago no.
IT IS A PHONE NOT A HUMAN BEING.You make a big deal about this while in the world more essential facts are happening like WARS AND Ebola spreading!
You members post but never reply back hardly.
That is capitalistic way in business.
New Posts  All Forums: