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Hey don't knock Blackberry It is a decent product still and Obama still owns one.
You are a heartless human being to say a dumb statement like that Why don't you work in Foxconn and see how it is there.
Bale is a good actor and will do a good job in portraying S. Jobs.
It is okay. The problem is that you cannot download any movie trailers any longer .The old i tunes you could.
Not a great rating at all.I am happy I have my 2011 MM and it works great almost up to 3 years in December.Newer is sometimes not better.
You are dead wrong people upgrade their memory a lot now.
Why do you feel this way?
Apple advises use only up to 8 gigs of memory not 16 they told me about the 2011 model I own.
Bose is biggest piece of crap that was ever made now.It is a joke to own this! Years ago Bose was a good product no more.AppleĀ  I agree with to remove Bose.
Why may I ask?
New Posts  All Forums: