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When you spend that amount of money for this laptop it should last many years.I agree with you you should get another logic board replaced for free if it was a lemon in the first place.Apple 's quality control is going downhill I see now. before years ago the machines made were much better and more durable.
They do when you speak with the right people.Call Cupertino and you will get action asap.
I owned Pros in the past and yes the older ones gave off a lot of heat. The MBA I owned a few months ago was a little cooler to the touch .
Never keep any laptop on your lap. It gives off a excessive amount of heat and you can burn your skin really fast like that especially the Lenovos and Asus brands.It happened to me a few years ago.
Good Luck with your machine.Waiting for the MM will never come period.
People who commit suicide are chickens who do not want to face life with it's ups and downs.Williams was a brilliant entertainer but a selfish man who cared nothing about his family and what they are going through now.His own self denial about life and his never ending  wants about his movies made him do this .There  are certain religions where suicide is a no no.
I disagree with you Samsung is very reliable and Apple always has some type of problems when they introduce new products especially i phones.
Quality of the product better materials used inside  and out.
I know something you do not. Let us leave it at that .
New Posts  All Forums: