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Be happy if they will really come out with a new MM model in Oct.
I really hope so. It is about time for the MM to be refreshed.
Don't your children know the word No!
Good for you. Let Apple pay . They can afford it!
Big deal so he said it wrong. It is still a joke! A clumsy ugly watch to wear.
I had an old Rolex watch over 15 years and it sold for over $350.00 with scratches on the face of the watch to.
He likes to be in the lime light I see all the time.Steve Jobs was just the opposite. Very subdued.
I had that problem with my MBP 2011 model and they replaced the battery free of charge.No complaints  I have about that type of customer service.
Now you are talking investment.The Daytona use to be a great watch years ago.
Rolex is an investment. Apple watches are a joke!
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