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pci-e 2.0 X4 less overhead sucks for any mid to high end GPU
the mac pro needs more Pci-e lanes to have 2 SSD slots.
WOW a PC board with 2 CPU sockets but only useing one but putting that up next to a system with only 1 socket?
I'm thinking more like ram cards or maybe even ram and cpu cards with soldered ram so you can have choice / range of parts with out needed to have all of the common parts on each choice.
you can have spanning raid arrays across cards also raid is not just about speed. And some people may want an fast os + app drive with maybe some working space and an bigger storage drive in the same box.
With the HP, Dell , Lenovno and others you are getting at least few HDD bays, some systems even have build in HARDWARE RAID. apple mac pro 256GB base 1TB MAX no need for $300+ Expansion Chassis just to use a pci-e card at an MAX speed of PCI-E 2.0 X4 shared over the full TB bus. I think the Mac pro has 3 TB buses but with out an block map I don't know how the pci-e channels feeding them are setup. With the HP, Dell , Lenovno and others. You can use pci-e SSD cards and...
But alarmingly, many of these SSDs failed without any early warning from SMART. This is something that we continue to hear from different data centers. As InterServer pointed out, hard drives tend to fail more gracefully. SSDs often die more abruptly, for any number of reasons that we've heard reported by actual end-users in the real world. I think that die more abruptly with little to no warring is bad for an HIGH END* workstation. Apple price put it in high end but other...
Maybe to a HUB for USB or to the high cost apple display but I would have display and have usb on it's own USB channel / ports.
You should have them pay for and replace all of your stuff in your house or at least pay to have some one do a full AC and furnace check as well any other appliances
some cable systems also need a USB SDV tunner with the cable card. and that only covers cable NO way that dish or directv will have a smart card that will work with a 3rd party box (there may be some under ground ways to make that work)
New Posts  All Forums: