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Going to law school (yes I'm an evil person). And in deference to a few of the established posters here, I'm going to "Dook".
Well, June is here, which means that the graduation season is now well underway. Those who go to semester schools are probably done by now, but those of us on quarters will be graduating this week. So, who here is graduating (from high school, college, grad school, correspondence school, whatever)? And what do you plan to do now? I myself am taking my last final in college tomorrow, which will likely be followed by a couple days of heavy drinking, then graduation...
That's what I call customer service. Thanks!
That's what I meant. So you can't use it in as the main base station in a mixed wired/wireless environment. For example, right now my computer is connected to my base station wirelessly while my roommates computer is connected to the Base Station through the LAN port. We couldn't do this with Airport Express. For my uses, Airport Express could be an excellent addition to the base station. If you don't need anything wired, then Express could be a replacement.
Well, it took me from the black out till now to get here. Can I have: "I'm learnding!" (with the quotes and spelled like that) Thanks!
No it doesn't replace Airport Extreme. It's actually missing a couple features. It only supports up to 10 wireless connections (as opposed to 50 for the full fledged base station) and it's lacking the LAN port so that you can't use it as a router. And obviously it doesn't have a modem.http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/specs.html The part about it I like best is that I can use it to extend the range of my current network really easily. I have a AEBS without the...
Your 3 and 6 year numbers are actually somewhat reasonable (but not relating to France), because Hitler did not actually come to power until 1933. Which, then means it took 3 years to start the expansion of Germany to its pre-WW1 borders (entering the Rhineland in 1936) and 6 years to start the war (with the invasion of Poland in September 1939). Which is, to say, not at all the equivalent of Hussein in Iraq.
Yeah, probably. I just usually attempt to write things in the most active sense possible to avoid confusion.
But the inverse would be "The village whipping-boy is I", which while technically acceptable, is a passive sentence. So, stylistically, the verb "to be" preferably should only be used one way.
I just bought a new hard drive for my PowerBook and am now in the market for a firewire case to put the old hard drive in. So, I'm sure people here have done the same thing, so I'm looking for any suggestions on which case to get. Thanks in advance! And, a related question. Is it possible to partition a drive and have one partition be HFS+ and the other be FAT32 (or NTFS or something readable on Windows)? I'd like to be able to have a small partition on the...
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