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Grr. Unfortunately Austin and New York are both about 12/13 hours away... Why can't they do one in Atlanta? Please? maybe next year.
And Apple should buy (what's left of) Palm now. A hell of a lot less than what HP paid, plus they get all the great UI (iOS needs it badly) AND the software (iOS does not need this. Linux plus JavaScript? No thanks.) AND the patents. (probably worth the sale price alone) Plus, they could get Rubinstein and the rest of the them (especially the UX team) back. The only other big buyer would be MS, and somehow I think even Ballmer's smart enough to realize he wouldn't have a...
Notes saying that iCal was going to stop working? Apple sent you a sticky note detailing how they were going to remote disable your iCal? Can you clarify what you mean?
Just use the 'record' button in Automator - I use it all the time for tasks like this. Just open up a document in Word, press the record button in Automator, and then click the FILE menu, the PRINT selection, the SAVE TO PDF option, etc, etc, when it's finished, close the window, click the red button on the automator window and tara it's there. Hope that helps!
Is h20 some kind of cleaning agent? I use water and cloth (kitchen dish-towel type works best) for all my apple devices and I've had no problems. A microfiber cloth like the one that came with your MBP will work fairly well without water, and with water not as good as a textured cotton cloth.
He actually looks better than he has in a while. Maybe we should stop thinking of his 'medical leave' as "Oh, he's going to die!" and start thinking of it as "Oh, he's taking a break from work so he can get better." And way to go for being vegan!
Really? I've never heard of that. Can you give a link or something official that mentions that option?
Yep, set up Time Machine once and let it do the work afterwards. If the MBPs only 15 months old, he's not going to be able to take out the battery. First thing I would try is put your 'Applications Install DVD' that came with your computer into the DVD drive, and hold down the C key while booting up. This will run Apple Hardware Test. Start the test, and you'll probably see a failure related to the hard drive. Whatever failure there is post here.
Glad I could help.Got the PDFs for Mac (21 steps) and iOS (5 steps) on the thread now. Sticky perhaps?
But that was, what, 5 years ago? Steve probably told them to crack down since then.
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