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:c Well, lesson learned, I suppose... if you're going to purchase a new Apple device, check the rumors for upgrades. FYI, iPhone is June, iPods/TV/iTunes is September, iPad is (?)March, and there's always some kind of new MacBook in October. MBP is usually April, so it was rather a surprise they did it in February this year.\\ If you still have the original box and packaging and the computer is in like new condition, you might try to sell it on Ebay/CL... you could...
No problem! I'll get it nicely formatted in a PDF tonight... as soon as I reinstall my Pages trial.
I have no problem paying the bucks upfront for the hardware- I simply object to paying a minimum of $80 every month. :/ A fully-featured iPhone with a Tracfone-like plan would be the ultimate in my book. I can wish...
Just posted the thread you suggested, NOFEER. Similar to the link your posted, but I updated it for SL and added the install process at the end. Hope it helps!
FOR MAC: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14084579/Mac...rReselling.pdf FOR iOS: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14084579/iOS...rReselling.pdf
It's unfortunate that you purchased a new computer 2 weeks before the refresh. Within 14 (or is it 10 now?) days of purchase at an Apple Store you can take your computer back, and they'll give you 100% money back. If you tried now they might do it, since the hardware launch was just last week... (or at least with a restocking fee)
One- if a person asks you for recommendations on a specific type of software, what earthly reason could you have for arguing with him for five posts why he should think that specific type of software is stupid, instead of simply giving recommendations (and then perhaps stating your opinion)? Two- just search the app store for "resize" or "window"- there's quite a few of them. My personal favorite is DoublePane ($.99). The developer is very responsive and told me the...
Well, this is the official response from Apple:(from www.apple.com/batteries/notebooks.html) So, if you rarely unplug your MBP, once a month is necessary. If you have your MBP plugged in 50% of the time (like I do), it's not as important. A few times a year should be fine. Hope that helps! Liam
If it's stated that a promotion or sale will end on a certain date, usually the promotion WILL end on that date. What makes you think it will continue until it's convenient for you to use it? Liam
Well, by asking what you could use Thunderbolt for, I was assuming you realized the cost of a new computer was necessary; my point was if you had purchased a computer with Thunderbolt (obviously you can't use Thunderbolt accessories without a Thunderbolt computer), then a $200/300 backup drive for the speed and daisy-chaining wouldn't necessarily be out of the question.
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