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PLEASE, someone here must be able to tell me this is bull and I can safely go and order the card knowing that it'll work.
Hi, my Dad just got his new Titanium with Combodrive and has decided to give me his old PowerBook 266MHz G3 which has all the legacy ports. Seeing as both CardBus slots are free I was thinking of upgrading with a FireWire and (maybe) USB card. I found one such card from Adaptec but it says on its homepage that the card requires a G3 with at least 400MHz. Is this true? Why does the processor speed matter? If this is the case can anyone suggest a different FireWire...
Who here still uses Sherlock? I mean it was great when it came out because different search engines were good at different things. But now with Google being lightyears better than everything else out there, who needs Sherlock any more (The internet searching)?
I watched the thing with my Rev B. iMac on its 56k modem and was really amazed. I've tried it before and it was terrible. I don't really know why I tried it this time because of my bad experiences but I was pleasantly surprised when Steve wasn't made out of massive fuzzy blocks of pixels. Would of course have loved to have watched it on broadband.
I can't connect to appleinsider.com but the forums seem fine (obviously). What's up guys?
This thread is so LONG! Why won't some decent rumors crop up! I'm annoyed! Argh! [Hmmm]
Nice post, G. Enjoyed it a lot
I think it's something to do with rocket toys: "Full speed ahead: Lust Factor Ten" Tomorrow it'll probably say: "Get ready for lift-off." which could just mean the beginning of MacWorld OR The start of an Apple rocket. Hoo nose? [ 01-05-2002: Message edited by: Phatbert ]

What about New Year's Resolutions?
[quote]Originally posted by JasonPP: the new iMac HAS to be G4 to succeed! Appleinsider says: G3 933Mhz-ish Geforce 2 combo drive maybe superdrive 15" LCD at 1024x768 (yawn) This machine is junk. JUNK!!
That's the machine I was expecting last FEBRUARY! Without the Superdrive though. [quote]Originally posted by JasonPP: G4 1GHz Geforce 3 Combo drive and superdrive 15" 1400x1080 display. 256MB minimum 512MB for $50...
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