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a bit of FYI Apple has posted a memorial page for Steve Jobs and is inviting people to “share your thoughts, memories, and condolences” via email.
Wow..... I have spent year building up clients with that @me accounts..... I was freaking out at the thought of playing catchup in my address book..... Thanks for info
Mobile me gone? I use @me.com for my emails what happens to that?
I 've seen my share of sacrifices of Vietnam been there done that, but for the life of me your flashback comment does not compute LION COMING IN July...... you can put that in your crack pipe and smoke it LOL
I read just the opposite that this summer it'll be here. what do you mean flash backs?
Why would I waste the money on others when I already know Apple is #1? Already appreciate OSX......... my wallet doesn't but I do!
STARTED USING APPLE in 1986(there or about) never bought a pc or used one only apple products have been used at my desk..and I don't feel like I am missing anything just sayin...........Cheers!
Saw that coming a mile away
lol I hug my kids all the time, I don't need lessons on how to be a good dad. My kids are all grown and still get hugs.......... All that hugging still doesn't put an iPad in my pocket. No worries here though, needs come before wants but sometimes wants are a strong temptations and iPad, for sure fits that category
New Posts  All Forums: