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I have to say I love it! I normally have a look at where my jobs are that day with Google Maps on my laptop before I leave the house. So today I jumped in the van, fired up the app and there are my last searches already in the app. Just clicked on the postcode I needed and I'm off. TomTom just became redundant. Thanks Google! 
wow nothing. Guess no one else has run into the this problem. Have had to book an appointment with a "genius". Only 6 days to wait :roll: I'm sure they are sick of hearing about IOS6 but they will be hearing again. 
Hi I did a search but couldn't find a thread on this. I just updated my ipad2 to IOS6 and now Safari crashes 3 secs after I start it. Doesn't even get to trying to load a page, just crashes. I have tried restoring ipad twice but same result. Any ideas guys? Kinda regretting updating now. 
Please tell me we aren't going to end up with another religious nut in the White House!!! The most powerful nation (just) on earth shouldn't have anyone who thinks god talks to them in charge. If anything that should actually be a massive no no for standing in the first place! 
Hmm I was waiting for this release as I'm out of contract and upgrading from a 3GS. What do we think guys, is it worth trying myself in for 18 months for this phone or should I hang on and hope they bring out another mid 2nd quarter of 2012???
Just bought myself a new 13" Macbook Pro. Looking on Apples website the latest update of Boot Camp is Nov 2010. Do I need to wait for them to update this before proceeding or would this version of Boot Camp be ok with this new hardware?
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