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Yet another Digitime rumours...
Sorry I wasn't clear enough, I don't think Apple had a hardware prototype for the iPhone in 2005, I was referring more on the touch UI and iPhone OS which development originated from the iPad development in early 2000's. 
From what I remember, those reactions on iPhone interface was made originally by Blackberry and Palm. Without bringing any research back to Google, Schmidt surely has done pretty much the same has Steve Jobs has done 30 years before by eavesdropping Xerox Parc's research leaking no secret sauce to Apple but giving them new computers paradigms to work on for a new operating system. Early android prototypes showed how much the first Android prototype has go from a...
Great off context montage.   Steve Job knows how well every tech company looked at Apple to steal and replicate their R&D.  Apple has been back stabbed many time by "partner" during new product R&D.  Google's CEO Eric Schmidt was on Apple board and had access to every Apple secret product developpements. 
I wonder what HTC is doing right now about their open and unencrypted fingerprint authentification.  http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/aug/10/htc-fingerprints-world-readable-unencrypted-folder
The biggest issue I've got with this kind of gouvernemental backdoor proposal is if one gouvernement has it, any other foreign authority could got it too. 
Wow, I wonder If Mr. Corney would gladly left is phone unlocked into state trooper or a TSA agents hands.
If you miss Visio on a Mac you should give Omnigraffle a try, It's a great apps from one of the few developper for NextStep predating OS X.
I really hope they will fix the decade old copy-paste hang bug and need of "The Maggie" technique for de-corrupting Word docs with this new version.   
 So according to you, both blind listining test and equipment measurements test doesn't work for quantifying music?  This is exactly what the Emperor get no cloths story is all about. Do you know which DAC the Pono and the iPhone uses before claiming a winner?Do you know the iPhone and the Pono electronic schematic before claiming the Pono is better? Besides, Leo Leporte reviews is far from objective, He is to happy too show of is Pono "signature" edition given to him to...
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