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I really hope they will fix the decade old copy-paste hang bug and need of "The Maggie" technique for de-corrupting Word docs with this new version.   
 So according to you, both blind listining test and equipment measurements test doesn't work for quantifying music?  This is exactly what the Emperor get no cloths story is all about. Do you know which DAC the Pono and the iPhone uses before claiming a winner?Do you know the iPhone and the Pono electronic schematic before claiming the Pono is better? Besides, Leo Leporte reviews is far from objective, He is to happy too show of is Pono "signature" edition given to him to...
A good external RAID setup with a time machine backup on the side is enough redundancy for most small business, since cloud services still have the internet as a single point of failure to deny you access to your works. Sony's Playstation and Microsoft Xbox live networks has already made the demonstration during last christmas holidays that no cloud service is shielded from a DoS attack.
I mostly agree with your analyse.  Don't get me wrong, I don't consider iCould or any Apple service offering nor any "free" cloud solution a business level solution.  I found hard to see those iCloud Drive-Skydive-onedrive-Google Drive-DropBox as a good replacement for a real enterprise level files server like a MacMini with MacOS X server which offert endless capacity and deployment flexibility.  
 I don't like the way Google users are their product, Google clients are the advertisers and not the other way around. I feel very uneasy to ties our business ressources to Google ecosystem of perpetual beta solutions without any liability regarding users and monetizing users usage information with advertiser.  
 I'm somehow a little uneasy with all those new payment method involving third party interest in a transaction between a merchant and a consumer. I think Apple and Google will have a really hard time to penetrate Canadian and other foreign market who already has a widely adopted direct payment like interac who is controlled and insured by banks not by merchant like MCX tend to be.  Maybe I'm wrong here, but I feel much safer to limite the number of intervenant I want to...
Living in Canada and working for a shop who accept credit card paiement, I do see what MCX want to achieve.  We have back in Canada a none profit equivalent for more than 30 years named Interac of which every Canadian bank participate and adopted by almost every merchant.  My issue is not with MCX itself, Its the exclusiveness war around it who's hurt the consumer at the end. 
  Do you really believe merchant will give any discount on using CurrentC? If that so, why they don't already give it when we pay cash?  Beside contracts with credit card giant prevent merchant from penalizing the consumer who choose to pay with credits. 
Have you even bother to read the link I provided? not it matter much which language is based on which, but you need to at least have some knowledge on the evolution of computer sciences, your remark about Apple before 2000 let me think your are pretty young.  Microsoft had some interest into NeXT in the early 90, this relationship leads to the infamous Microsoft invest in Apple in 1997 when Apple bought NeXT and bring Steve Jobs back to Apple. Also .NET copy the Cocoa...
You need to redo your computer history classes, Apple is around long before they created the iPhone, Objective-C originated in early 80's, more than 10 years before Java and 20 years before .NET.  Tim Berners-Lee created the Web with Objective-C on a NeXT computer many years before Java and .NET was around.  Java itself took many inspiration from Objective-C.  How absurd it is? Have you ever update a Windows new install? You've got hundreds of .NET updates because of all...
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