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 I case you've missed it, here is a quote from Anandtech review: 
 Can't say the Tegra 4 shines in terms of battery life, BTW what is that PRISM things needed for having average battery life? Here is more disastrous Tegra Note graph from Anandtech:  
 You see ARM Soc and Intel SoC aren't in the same league, ARM SoC are design to runs on battery powered platform ever since his born more than 20 years ago.  Every things in the A7 and every ARM SoC are design with power preservation and efficiency in mind. Where intel best mobile SoC TDP are above 4 watts, the Ax series TDP target is around 1 watt.  The A7 at 28nm already beats any current 14nm Intel chips on performance per watts, the next A8 will surely be a 22nm fab...
 ARM SoC are already more efficient and cheaper to produce than Intel CPU with worst fab process  This is a game Intel can't win that way, any fab process avantages Intel will develop can be eventually apply to ARM SoC. Nvidia is really shy about giving the TDP specs of their Tegra CPU and since 4 generations later, near no phones and only a handful of tablets using Tegra processors have been ever produce, It proves they don't meet most mfg expectations. 
 True, no ARM cpu will ever catch Intel on raw performance because they don't play with the same basic rules.   But Its also true, Intel will never catch ARM on efficiency or performance per watt.  Same applies to overhyped Nvidia Tegra, will having a more powerful graphics processor than Imagination PowerVR used by Apple, they can't compete on the efficiency level.
Yet another anal-y-sis    I think there is something that report overlooked, the actual hardware account for a fraction of Apple revenu.  Apple is makings a lot more money selling digital media and apps than selling iOS or Mac hardware. 
 here is the MP4 link provided by click2flash. http://timeinc.brightcove.com.edgesuite.net/rtmp_uds/293884104/201401/3530/293884104_3106072393001_BCS-January-1984-640x480.mp4
 You know whole "Apple stole the notification bar from Android" args start to be as old as the + 30 years old meme of Apple got a one bouton mouse only...   It amused me how people dismissed so easily the order of events.
 I think this was unnecessary trollish for an otherwise OK post.  iOS doesn't follow anyone but their own path since his introduction a year before Android. 
 iOS solution of this is to delegate the file managing troubles to Apps.  They wanted to change old habit to search for a document first and launch the related apps by opening documents from the Finder.  Instead, on iOS each apps manage their own files and if you want to view one document with another Apps, you've got a "share" button that send a copy of the files within another apps on the devices.  So each apps become a "folder" and offert their own way of managing their...
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