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 I agree, under IBM supervision the thinkpad has been one of the best product line of the PC laptop market, this is the reason why I think most Lenovo profits is still coming from PC making and not their mobiles product. But ever since they cut all connection with IBM, they become more and more ACER or Dell alike. 
 Apple is making more profits from the iTunes Store than selling Macintosh hardware… Besides apps, music, books and movies-tv show accounts for a big part of Apple profits.   The iTunes music store alone sales more music than any retail music store on the planet. I do agree, most people don't buy, they want every things for free.  This is what's killing Android as a profitable platform for third party developments. 
 I don't find anything smart about Lenovo, starting by getting the actor Ashton Kutcher as a product engineer.  BTW where are you getting your numbers from? I don't think phone product got anything about to do in Lenovo's revenue.
 Wait, this is not the sole raison d'être of the Android platform? To offer a lower cost smartphone alternative of iOS and M$ phones? I fail to see how Lenovo can compete with other low margin phones mfg like HTC, Samsung, LG and all nameless Chinese copycats. 
 You've missing a lot about all the software tech infused into iOS, where iOS is a full desktop class OS minus filesystem access, Android is more like an evolution of Symbian OS with runtime environment based on a JVM.
Samsung can produce an 8 cores ARMv8 SoC if they want, but since they are not a software shop they can't go alone without Google.   Android is a least 6 month behind Apple to 64 bit transition, we still yet to see how they would manage it considering their heterogenous development platform. 
 You can't say Froyo and Gingerbread phones still got the same level of support from developers than iOS devices of the same period.  Today a iPhone 3GS still has better values remaining than any Android device of the same period. 
 You know what is not pointless? from a developer stand point, they can still support the 4 years old 3Gs.  Can you point me a 4 years old Android phone still supported by developers or even by their OEM? I fail to see the value Android is getting from alienated their customers with orphan devices.
 Too bad Kit Kat won't be supported on any TI OMAP  smartphone-tablet, like the Moto Droid, Google Glass, Galaxy Nexus, Nook HD…  Yet another wide load of orphans Android devices on its way for landfill. 
 Here is official word about the Galaxy Nexus from Google:  If Apple ecosystem is a walled garden, Android one is a graveyard of devices no longer supported from their original mfg.  I wonder how many orphan OMAP phone there is out there. 
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