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I think there is another reason not addressed in the article for Google to move away from Dalvik VM.  By using a register based Java virtual machine, Androids runtimes are forever stuck in a 32 bit environment and unable to directly use new hardware features of future ARM SoC.
The rule of thumb is avoid buy/use anything you can't identify a brand on it.   If the mfg is ashamed to put his name on it, why you should trust their product?
 I share the same feeling about those kind of news, I think having a iProduct in a story is what made any incident an international news story every time.  I'm pretty sure there is many more electrocution incident involving cheap knock off electronics every day, but since it doesn't involve an Apple product there is nothing for the press to write about.  Slashdot got an interesting article today about Telsa getting an unfair treatment from the press when Ford doesn't get...
 If you are into games, here a list of original games created because of iOS:Angry Birds,Bad PiggiesZen BoundTemple runsThe RoomContre JourBadlandFruit NinjaInfinity BladeReal RacingAsphaltPocket FrogGunner Z Here is a list of games or type of games ported on the iPadTetrisBejewelsGTADeadspaceCivilizationX-ComNeeds for speedFinal Fantasy seriesPlants VS ZombiesSudokuCards and mahjong gamesPinballs machines
Got any proof of those claims of yours?  Have you seen any numbers of percentage of shares coming from in-apps purchase vs store purchases? Besides at the end it doesn't matter which payment model developers chooses as long they (big or small) can make profit with their work.   Androids is not a profitable platform for the majority of third party developers, most Androids users will never do a transaction with google store. 
Adsnoids you mean?
Correction, Microsoft Office: apologizing bad programming since 1984.
 I think SJ would disagree with you, he recognize very early the indissociable nature of the hardware and the software to make great things. The original apple got is success due to its ROM full softwares and tools or the greatly simplify disk drive controller with uses of clever software. Look at the original Macintosh, who could boot a fully illustrated OS and Apps with 128KB of ram without any special hardware or coprocessor, there is a lots of software cleverness under...
This make me remember an old news many years ago, someone sued its RV mfg because he had an accident when he wrongly taught he could leave the wheel to take a nap at the back while his RV can drive its self on the cruise control.
 I agree, under IBM supervision the thinkpad has been one of the best product line of the PC laptop market, this is the reason why I think most Lenovo profits is still coming from PC making and not their mobiles product. But ever since they cut all connection with IBM, they become more and more ACER or Dell alike. 
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