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 With the iPhone and the iPad mini, who bought the iPod Touch anymore?
 Not so much I think. All sensors was and are still outside of the A6/M7 chips, I believe (can be wrong here) the task was handle by software and depending on which bus was used for the CPU to communicate with the sensors no special hardware was put on the A6.  The M7 is merely a controller a lightweight and dedicated arm CPU that handle his task independently of the A7. 
 Intel still have a long road ahead to match ARM max TDP around 1 watt, current mobile x86 generation TDP are at least 2 to 4 times higher than ARMs SoC . If you excuse my analogy, the ARM CPU started is life as a 2 strokes motorcycle engine that have been beef up overtime, the current Intel CPUs is more like a V12 engine ripped apart and throttled to make it run with the same fuel efficiency of a 2 stroke motorcycle engine.  Of course because of the nature of the beast,...
 Problem is, Samsung don't have an internal R&D team for designing new ARM cores, they are only allow to use standard core design in their SoC since Apple bought their R&D team with their architectural license (Intrinsity) 3 years ago. 
I didn't know cnet was a PRO-Apple fiction blog.  I don't get you point here.   According to your unreferenced quote fabrication from Cult of Mac, It was during Scully presidency they had financial trouble and sold ARM stake, John Scully left Apple in 1993  Again you're understanding is wrong here. Uses of ARM IP consist of two licences, the ARM Core licenses and ARM Architectural licences.  The first gives reference schematics and design to produce "vanilla" ARM core,...
 Yes, I do have seen X-ray images of the A4-A5-A5x-A6-A6x,  have you ever read Chipworks.com SoC teardown?  ARM doesn't have a vanilla hardware design, they have automatic layout software and specs sheet, but no hardware implementation.  Chipworks analysis clearly demonstrate Apple Ax custom layout is unrelated to Samsung or Qualcomm design. 
 I agree, programs need to be built for AArch64 to get most of the new improvements.  Still older apps should gain better benefit from the new ARMv8 architecture than going the Samsung way of adding more cores.
 Google owns nothing, Samsung is owning Android market, they are the one who make most profit from it.   Besides ARM doesn't sold hardware, they licence IP only. while specs for ARMv8 is available since few years ago, beside the A7 all other ARMv8 available on the market (X-Gen and Denver) was made for server application.  And you're wrong Apple has design their Ax chips from A to Z using their ARM architectural licences.  
 I admit I've advocate the 64 bit a lot lately and  while I did not sound that way, I do not think this is a world changer breakthrough, or be way way over ahead the competition, but a normal evolution of a long predicted roadmap.  But I still love those architecture transition, on the developer side it normally cause a lot of cleaning old legacy relics and for the users it gives new breath.    Beside there is not many way to add power to a CPU, where other have choose...
 Ok I give it to you on the battery life, I wasn't up to date with those new tablet.  Still Intel can't win this battle, they can got higher (or lower) fab process but it only gives more rooms for further enhancement to ARM SoC.  That is baseless, comparing to what? Adding a third GPU core and doubling RAM channels don't make SoC inefficient to other equivalent. The CPU account only for a fraction of power usage, lightning the screen if what drain most the battery.  With...
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