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 Thats a nice thought, while I agree encryption is an important aspect for high-end processing, I am not sure Apple's thinking behind rushing 64bit mobiles to market as being affected by this since nearly all mobile SoC got 128bit SIMDs more fits for encrypting-decrypting data streams than using the CPU ALU.  Just like the Athlon64, G5 or Core2Duo, even with unoptimized softwares for 64 bit platform, upgrading to 64bit hardware gives an overall oomph and somewhat a...
 Tell that to Seymour Cray,  I agree going to 64 bit will no automatically double the performance of every task but many task can get benefit from it and since iOS got the richest sets of multimedia and signal processing oriented APIs, current apps will gain some benefit from the 64bit iOS 7 thru API call.  Those are things Apple has done many times in his history; adding functionality and optimization thru API upgrades.  Like the cut and paste feature in example,  once...
 Do you know if the GUI is part of the binary on Android apps?
 One thing I don't know about the Android APK stuff, does every build shares the assets, like gui stuff or they are duplicated for every build included in the APK?  Because on OSX, the UI part and assets are store outside of the binary and being share between all architecture include within the binary.  So adding more target arch to a fat binary on OSX doesn't add much to the size of the apps.
 There is many advantages of having a single binary for multiple architecture. On the developer sides, it greatly simplify project development by managing all plateform with the same codes and distributing as one apps for all device.  Imagine the update hell for developer who needs to keeps track of every specific built.  On the users side, It render the transition to a new architecture invisible to them. Having the same apps that could run on legacy and new architecture...
 Still this is not fat binary support, it only a fat installer trick for managing multiple single arch binary
 It is not what it's said on your links and in the quote I got from that site.   I think you are confusing between multiple device configuration and multiple CPU architecture.  Right now Android support only one CPU architecture, and currently no Linux nor Android release that support multiple arch binary as a standard feature.
 Multiple-APK is not a fat binary technology, here is the description from your link: This mean for developer to compile and package separated version of the same apps for every device configuration it target.  Having a real  fat binary support require being able to run the same binary transparently on any device like OSX and iOS is doing.  
 Agree, Linux kernel as being ported to 64bit many years ago.  But this is not the case for the Android fork Google is working on.  Beside compiling the OS and libs for 64bit is only the iceberg tips, a lot is still missing right now in Linux for supporting multiple architecture binary like OSX and iOS is doing.
 You got all wrong, Apple is also doing business with TSMC.  Apple initially invested in ARM and licence ARM design ever since the Newton back in the early 90.  Intrinsity was the R&D shop for Samsung ARM processor until Apple bought them in 2010, and now part of the internal team at Apple responsible for the Ax and Mx development.  Beside saying there is absolutely no need for 64 bit on mobile is as dump as Bill Gate infamous quote: 640ko is more than enough for anyone....
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