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 So what you say is: there is no proof yet.  From reviews I've read over the net, the battery life is more within 5 to 8 hours.  Been more lighter and more thinner is not a feat considering his poor build quality, all reviews report about how flimsy the plastic is. 
 Since when Wallstreet is backing Apple decision?
 If the Bay trail is so great, why Anandtech gives absolutely no detail on battery life of actual product?  At 2.5 watts max the Z3740 it still 2.5 times more power hungry than Apple SoC.  And Anandtech doesn't count the whole system build around the Z3740, things like external RAM (the Z3740 SoC doesn't have ram) have impact on the battery drainage.  So where is sources that been proven me wrong ?
 Wow so much expectation.  I won't hold my breath for an Intel CPU that could compete with ARM efficiency.  As much Intel would like, the expensive x86 architecture cannot match Ax lightweight power envelope of 1 watt.  Until Intel proves me wrong, the Bay trails is as much FUD than Tegra lineup with huge expectative but disappointing result at the end.
 Like pure C or C++ in Xcode, those solution are wrapped around Objective-C
 Thank you clearing this up for me.  I was much more old school in my reply to TheOtherGeoff about getting done to sillicon with assembly.  Still the only legitimate way to create iOS apps is thru pure objective-C or wrapping C or C++ code in objective-C project, which provide like you said a much more consistent IDE.  
 You know ARM doesn't sold CPU, they sold IP , in 2011 Symbian was already dead.  ARM has finalize their AArch64 spec in mid 2012 and Apple is currently the only one with a ARMv8 in commercial production.   Will I agree, someone could a predicted the 64bit switch, neither Microsoft or Android has put their effort there yet, no AArch64 version of Android (official of not) has ever been seen on the net, no phone mfg has ever talk about 64 Bit SoC before Apple last week...
 I do consider any major architecture changes imply with the new ARM AArch64 as related to new generation transition. Just like the G5 or x86-64 CPU before, the A7 have numerous internal improvement over the earlier ARMv7 architecture beneficial to already existing Apps, which is explained in great detail in the article.  Beside why are you narrowing your mind on numerical simulation who have much less to do with CPU than FPU?  You know common usage for CPU is acting as an...
 A roadmap is only prediction which doesn't translate into execution.  There is no working version of 64 bit Symbian and never will. 
 There is a lot more is going on with ARM AArch64 architecture than solely 64 bit addressing.  The current ARM v7 architecture has many legacy bottleneck and shortcomings, the registers and security layer was overly complex and limited.  The new 64 bit architecture as gave them the chance to greatly modernize a + 20 years ISA.  I will repeat my self, we don't know much yet about the A7 internal, but if you look at other previous 64 bit CPU like the Athlon 64 or the G5,...
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