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 You know,  If Apple can sales its whole production at current price, why they need to have a cheap product? Apple doesn't need to be big in China, they doesn't care at all about making cheap products and flooding the market with no margin device like most Android mfg  about to die battling each other with poor product. 
I wonder how much time the competition while take to follow Apple 64bit steps.   While I do think an 64 bits mobile processor is a kind of waste for a phone right now, eventually every mobile device will go with a 64 bit processor. Apple as play this card very well and the transition will be transparent for the users and gives pressure to the competition with no OS ready for 64bits yet. 
 Of course, like movies it's always easy for critics to call a flop on the opening night and call it a masterpiece after a few years. Beside the first iPhone, none of your example as shaken the world as innovating products when being announced. The iPod was seen as an overpriced Nomad MP3 player and the iPad like a big iPhone no good for content creation, no need to argue about the Antennagate.   Like masterpiece only time can judge those things. 
 Someone can point me what is the killer uses for NFC that make it an awesome and must have feature.  I fail to found anyone with a useful use of NFC. For everything else, Wi-fi and bluetooth covers my needs
You should drop the iHates fanboism.  Listening to you nothing is innovating enough.  Can you give me some examples of innovating product update from the competition? Base on your criteria I found none.  
 Mmm Samesong stocks is down 2.48% today without announcing anything does it mean they go bankrupt? 
Can't wait for next year revision with a bigger screen. /s
 Of course there is different sets of controls in the Interface builder for iOS and OSX and printing wasn't not part of the OSX Core API, but you can use the exact same model and view in Apple IDE to targeted iPhone, iPad and Mac devices, which is not the case for Microsoft ecosystem, you can't target WP8 and Surface device with the same VS project. All this being said, even if Metro is same as .NET, still there is very few productivity apps who have been updated for...
 Where have you got your stats? For what I saw on the Surface I played with, most apps bundled on the Surface like Cut the rope and Windows 8 Apps Store are HTML wrapper.  Besides, you can't say you can straightly port .NET 4.5 apps to XAML/C# for WinRT.  Too much is currently missing in the WinRT runtime, starting with all the UI control not yet replicated in WinRT like windows, popup menus, radio control. And no you can't just use any existing windows DLL in apps...
 Computers tend to adopt higher resolution first because it not depend much about content. I still remember my 1920x1200 ElectronBlue CRT I used more than 15 years ago. Still I agree with you,  this doesn't apply to mobile devices who are more content consuming centric. 
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