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 Where have you got your stats? For what I saw on the Surface I played with, most apps bundled on the Surface like Cut the rope and Windows 8 Apps Store are HTML wrapper.  Besides, you can't say you can straightly port .NET 4.5 apps to XAML/C# for WinRT.  Too much is currently missing in the WinRT runtime, starting with all the UI control not yet replicated in WinRT like windows, popup menus, radio control. And no you can't just use any existing windows DLL in apps...
 Computers tend to adopt higher resolution first because it not depend much about content. I still remember my 1920x1200 ElectronBlue CRT I used more than 15 years ago. Still I agree with you,  this doesn't apply to mobile devices who are more content consuming centric. 
Sure, but Desktop PC and TV screen aren't even there yet.
 You forgiving the Casio DATABank debuted in 1983 and still around,http://www.casio.com/products/Watches/databank/
     Oh please, you don't add anything intelligent to the discussion, go troll away.
 Metro apps are mostly HTML + Javascript, .NET for Metro is a long run behind from being equal to .NET Framework 4.5.       .NET for Metro style apps Windows Phone 7.1 .NET Framework 4.5 Namespace 72 95 447 Type 1,246 1,788 14,936 Member 15,674 20,291 217,166 Table: API surface counts, by .NET Profile
 Agree, no one is forcing us to use the mandatory Surface keyboard but pointing Metro apps as replacement is laughable.  Most Metro apps are half brew and can't even compete with android or iOS apps equivalent, even Microsoft hasn't port their own offices suite on Metro and are forcing the touch-agnostic Desktop UI on Surface RT only to run one apps: Office.  Metro is a mess on many levels, right now Metro is only an empty shell without any contents and since there is no...
  I completely agree, and I even go further with comparing the Surface with any other tablet PC attempt before.  They all failed because the tablet loses any advantages over the laptop if all your software keeps depending on a keyboard and a mouse. Making a mandatory keyboard accessory it gives wrong direction to developers who generally doesn't bother much about tweaking their apps for a specific platform and still consider the tablet has a laptop. 
  Here is a compilation of Ballmer's "goof"   http://news.yahoo.com/steve-ballmer-gif-retirement-party-153638957.html
You mean this one?   32359673-1459-47fd-ac2d-db0f62227623_Ballmer.gif
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