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Actually this is not entirely true, the 1983 video games crash was mostly due to poor software more than poor hardware.  At the time the battle was between 3 main players: Atari, Coleco and Intellivision.  But most games for those platform was so poorly made (remember the E.T. fiasco) and without any way to really know what the game was about without buying first was deceiving for many.  This is why Nintendo had his seal of approval on every cartridge and limited games...
Mmm this anal-yst failed to point out the current iPad is in end of life and due to be refreshed this falls. Besides, cheap knock-off will always get the lion shares in term of units, not so much in terms of profit for content developers on theses platform.
I agree, it vary person to person, but mfg should have a clue or a guideline at least, like Blackberry or Nokia who offers products for many years with the same form factor and size.  Samsung in another hands seams to stick with their "elastic" design of offering multiple size of the same design. 
  I agree, my question now is: what is the perfect screen size for a phone?  Apple got their answer, I wonder to heard from other mfg.  No one seams to be committed on one size ;-)
  Not all of those was Samsung phones, there is a HTC and LG phone in that pictures.  The last one at the right is the new Galaxy Mega, another phablet from Samsung,   http://www.technobuffalo.com/reviews/samsung-galaxy-mega-6-3-review/  
  Samsung got no clue of what is the right size for a phone. Beside the growing size of their devices I found very little design change between their Galaxy line of products the screen size is the only differentiation from a model to another.   Apple in another hands have constantly keeps the same format of the iPhone with 4 radicals design.  
  You see Apple got their own route, with the iPhone 5, they made the screen bigger only in one dimension to keep the width identical to the previous iPhones.  I can be wrong, but the screen size of the next iPhone should be define by the product design and not the other way around like Samsung is doing. 
    The big screen gimmick got his limit, the goal for Apple and any sane mfg is to get the right product with the right screen size to fit.  I can't understand why so many is drooling over the screen size spec like a performance specs.  Samsung phones grows ridiculously big, I wonder what they will come out with after their new fatsy 6inch phone.   I suppose, some people do like talking to a brick:
Which first appeared in Cyndia on iOS.  Stop nagging the notification center has the only defence adnoids fans can pull agains iOS.   It took up to version 4.2 for Google to speedup and separated the graphics rending from the main thread, something any sane OS already do since the 80's 
  I'm nostalgic of the 80's where most computer company back then was in control of the hardware and software, system like Apple II, AtariST, Amiga Workbench, X68000, TRS-80.  They all has their charms and no one was cloning their neighbour.  Microsoft as killed hardware innovation forcing every PC mfg to play with the sames rules.  Big brand like IBM and compaq quickly lost their market to nameless clones and generic hardware shops.   
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