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Here goes again the old myth of Apple stole from Xerox.   Let's straighten some facts.   Apple has pay Xerox with shares to make use of Xerox research.   Xerox never was and never want to be a computer company, so they sold all computer research assets to anyone who want to buy it.  Soon after most researcher of Parc institute has join Apple and the Lisa team.   There is no poor Xerox here, they received their shares of profit.    Besides, can you name me one thing Gates...
  It was irony regarding common news medias who always giggle to put Apple name in their headline for sensationalism. I failed to see any racist sarcasm I my previous post 
  An old adage said:  One lawyer in a small town will go bankrupt after a short time, Two lawyers in a small town, both will go rich. 
Good thing Apple makes business with all big chinese supplier, Apple is becoming the champion of policing labor in china.  I wonder why we never heard about china official or any other american corps who makes business with those supplier, what a big hypocrisy News media, they always finger pointing Apple as the sole and only responsible of the whole labor crisis in china, because we all know that Apple in the headline always sales. 
  I don't think anybody is questioning Apple's product quality, and the price is sane and in range with other brand like Nokia and BlackBerry http://ca.crackberry.com/blackberry-chargers-and-cables.htm     There is no voodoo trick here, since the original USB specs was never made for charging things and limited the output to 0.5W, pre-USB2 devices using USB for charging had to uses some tricks because there was no standard to begin with.  The Apple "charging protocole"...
  They explode http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-explodes-injures-18-year-old-girl_id45057
If you want a really good insight of what it need to make those incredibly small charger, here is a good in depth teardown of a genuine apple charger: http://www.righto.com/2012/05/apple-iphone-charger-teardown-quality.html   You can compare with cheap knockoff http://www.righto.com/2012/03/inside-cheap-phone-charger-and-why-you.html   With lesser  than few millimeter gap between the full 120-220v and the 5v line without any kind of fuse or protection is pretty easy to...
I think the fact that an Apple device is imply make the whole story here.  I'm pretty sure the most populous country in the world got many more dramatic but unreported electrocution incident regarding home appliances every weeks.   Yet another presumably shocked women by an iPhone: http://www.news.com.au/technology/sydney-woman-taken-to-hospital-after-iphone-shock/story-e6frfro0-1226684860458   The headline fallaciously implying the iPhone, and this is what the...
  This is a baseless claim, sure Apple made profit of their accessories, but you got no clue of the actual manufacturing cost of these things. The IC controller alone in those charge cost around $2.50. 
  I think no low voltage DC based equipment ever expects to being feed with AC line level voltage without any prejudice. 
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