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  My 2 cents
  I mostly agree with you, but sadly "passion" never was within Microsoft DNA. I think SJ got the best overview of M$  
Microsoft needs more then a superstar CEO that everyone is hoping for.  No one men can mastered business marketing, day to day managing and R&D, Microsoft needs a good products-softwares engineer more than another business manager.  
  You know someone doesn't have any clue about GUI when you look at this mess.   Microsoft can't even settle on a coherent UI for they're own apps:  
I think the OLED technologies is not as mature as the LCD currently is. While offering many advantages over the LCD, the OLED still got many lifespan issues. In the meanwhile, the mobile phone maybe is currently the best application for OLED screen since those product got a very short life cycle.
I wonder what the competition is doing, its been a long time since we heard anything about Nvidia and they're overly hype Tegra processor. 
Ballmer should have been a used car salesman.   
  So what are you talking about a GPS on a Wifi only tablet? Can you point me out one case of an wifi only tablet with GPS? In case you didn't understand yet ill make clear for you.     You can't put a full standalone GPS in a cell phone or a tablet it is too slow (40-50 seconds warmup), power hungry and needs bulky antenna, and you need the 3G option already available on a tablet for using the assisted GPS.  And even if it was possible, a standalone GPS is far from a...
  You should educate your self about the A-GPS used on mobile devices and why it depend on the cellular network to work:    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assisted_GPS
Actually this is not entirely true, the 1983 video games crash was mostly due to poor software more than poor hardware.  At the time the battle was between 3 main players: Atari, Coleco and Intellivision.  But most games for those platform was so poorly made (remember the E.T. fiasco) and without any way to really know what the game was about without buying first was deceiving for many.  This is why Nintendo had his seal of approval on every cartridge and limited games...
New Posts  All Forums: