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Yet another anal-y-sis    I think there is something that report overlooked, the actual hardware account for a fraction of Apple revenu.  Apple is makings a lot more money selling digital media and apps than selling iOS or Mac hardware. 
 here is the MP4 link provided by click2flash. http://timeinc.brightcove.com.edgesuite.net/rtmp_uds/293884104/201401/3530/293884104_3106072393001_BCS-January-1984-640x480.mp4
 You know whole "Apple stole the notification bar from Android" args start to be as old as the + 30 years old meme of Apple got a one bouton mouse only...   It amused me how people dismissed so easily the order of events.
 I think this was unnecessary trollish for an otherwise OK post.  iOS doesn't follow anyone but their own path since his introduction a year before Android. 
 iOS solution of this is to delegate the file managing troubles to Apps.  They wanted to change old habit to search for a document first and launch the related apps by opening documents from the Finder.  Instead, on iOS each apps manage their own files and if you want to view one document with another Apps, you've got a "share" button that send a copy of the files within another apps on the devices.  So each apps become a "folder" and offert their own way of managing their...
 I don't know where you've found those definitions, but those are wrong.  Your RAM definition applies more to CPU Register or caches than RAM and your storage definition also applies to RAM where data is store in digital form (1s and 0s).  Have you ever heard of ram drives?
 We all create new, save or delete files every day on ours computer, after all the core function of an OS or DOS is to manage files and launch apps.  If I remember well my computer history and how Apple "took" Xerox document preparation system idea and made the Desktop paradigm around it.  I think the needs for managing and storing different type of media needed for most projects was the basic needs the graphical Desktop addressed so brilliantly that is still the norm for...
 I think there is a generation misunderstanding here.   Mass Storage is a kind of memory like the CD-ROM and WORM acronym pointed out.  RAM can be a storage too with ramdisk apps, same as ROM can be paged like ram or access like a volume by the hardware.   moderne computer as a lot more memory types than RAM and Storage alone. Register, Caches, VRAM, Pram, Firmware... are all differents type of memory present in all computer and mobile devices.  Question is more if the OS...
 Maybe, am I?  I haven't check on Android, but security on iOS and WP8 don't lets apps fooling around outside their sandboxes. If find it troubling if Android really lets any apps doing so.   But this wasn't the point, most people doesn't manually manage their files, and Android like any other mobile OS are design to avoid file managing.
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