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 The Prada was nowhere near a landmark phone, it's not even an apps phone.  The whole smartphone concept was established way before LG with the Palm Treo, Windows Mobile Phones and Noka-Sony-Ericsson Symbian phones. 
 Ouch, poor guys being injured by marketing material, they should have a hard time living in this country.  I wonder how they could use the internet with constant unwanted marketing material poping out on every web site. 
 I think you've failed to acknowledge the software aspect needed for making new technology works flawlessly.  For example; I agree, Apple haven't develop the hi-res Retina LCD panel, many mfg has hi-res LCD for years.  But without a smart way to integrate this in the OS its useless, like it currently is for Windows. Same rules apply for many Apple driven technologies like: Dynamic GPU switching, PowerNAP, Lightning port, Airplay, TouchID, A7 64Bit.  Apple is currently the...
Another FUD reports....   I think the full HD and every 1920x1080 non-tv devices are made for tech-aware wannabe who drool more over buzz word specs than the real deal.  If our tablets, phones and computers primary usage was watching movies, It will make sense to use 1920x1080 screen resolution. But since most content consumed on those devices are medias more like text, book, web pages, and photos, I can't find any logic beside cost and availability to use a 16:9 screen...
Too bad, they had great products. Now Google will assured it will be forever ads serving Beta products like every other Google products.
 I don't fully understand your point here, but the AppStore already proven to be a cash cow for Apple and his contributor. 
 I don't know what Google is trying todo here, the intellectual property of VP8 has been a fiasco and prove inferior to the h.264 consortium. I much prefer having a standardized codec under control of a consortium assuring the interoperability between devices than using a third party format under control of one entity.  
 Actually, I bail for a neat like software called Air Video HD, with that I put all my rips and download on a little server I can access from anywhere (inside and outside home) on all my devices and thru my Apple TV.  It even has ability to download content on a devices for offline viewing.  I do share the same feelings of yours about newer movies….
 Thanks for the link, this is what I was referring to, It only offers offline playing on their proprietary Android or iOS apps, There is no way to keep the movie on a computer.  I agree with you, and forgive me if can be a little stubborn some time.  From a developer stand point, I see how it make plenty of sense to choose the fastest route to get the jobs done. I'm not a professional programmer, I've done plenty of things in basic, logo, Pascal and C, and I do acknowledge...
 I've never purchase any media from Google Play, so I'll give you that I can't verify what I've claimed, but according to Google support the only way to watch a movie from a computer is thru a flash enabled web site.  On Android and iOS device they have a special player that gives you the feature to download the movies, I can't say this is a more DRM free store than the iTunes store.  My taught on DRM they screw the honest customer, so this is why I've never bought movie...
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