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 I think most people wants things to be simpler, but I do also recognize how file managing is an important aspect of desktop computing that mobile computing wants to get rid of.  As a long time Mac OS users, I'm accustomed to browse my HD and install or launch apps from the file manager.  But most windows users have never opened their Program Files directory or even browse their C: drive. I think this is why Apple, Google and Microsoft chooses to not lets people manually...
 Huh? I don't understand what the usage of ext4 filesystem helped anything about the hurdle of managing files between multiple volumes on a devices without a file manager interface. 
 Wow, so much fanboyisme in this post.... 1) Out of the box, the Galaxy S4 total storage doesn't exceeds the iPhone, the opposite is true. 2) Android devices are locked down until you root the phone, like any other iOS and WP8 phones. 3) Unlike most Android phones, there is no third party bloat ware to take care of on iOS 4) You know many critics said the same things about the non-expandable storage of the iPod, 11 years later, most SD bases MP3 player as disappear from...
 Oh sure, there always has third party solution out there.   But for most android user, searching and downloading apps on the Google Play store is an issue, rooting their phone is another bag of hurts.  Most mortal are only using fonction that come out of the box and got no time nor the patience to search a way to overcome limitation from the mfg. 
 I failed to understand how this could help me? I won't travel in public transit with a Wifi enable hard drive... I want to listen to my music and having enough space on my mobile device for taking photos and videos occasionally while I'm outside of my household. 
 I use a lot the Wi-Fi at home, I stream my videos and music at home.  But on the road, I need to keep my music and photos on the internal storage if I don't want have a few hundred dollars bills from my carrier. 
 With carrier's exorbitant rates for mobile IP communications here in Québec, I tend to limite my uses of cloud services for media consumption with my mobile devices on the road. 
6.85 GB for a mobile OS? It's more than a full XP installation will all its crapwares. 
 The Prada was nowhere near a landmark phone, it's not even an apps phone.  The whole smartphone concept was established way before LG with the Palm Treo, Windows Mobile Phones and Noka-Sony-Ericsson Symbian phones. 
 Ouch, poor guys being injured by marketing material, they should have a hard time living in this country.  I wonder how they could use the internet with constant unwanted marketing material poping out on every web site. 
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