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 I agree, the term "Cloud" is another buzz word for Internet.  
 Beside the sharing aspect of it, which is nothing more than files synchronization and mirroring easily replaceable with some shell script (Dropbox is a bunch of PHP script himself), I said this is a good free service like Google search, but hardly an asset with big monetization, I wonder how much money Microsoft is making with there SkyDrive services.  
 I was already doing "Cloud storage" with a private FTP server 15 years ago and I've seen many people since praising cloud backups and online storage until they as been confronts with how much painful it is to get back your data at such a slow connection when compared to local access.  Even with a 30mbps internet connection, it took multiple hours to copy 1Tb over the internet.   Cloud storage works well for small files with intermittent access you need to share in...
 Huh? How do you stretch your mind to compare a personal cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive with a media distributing service like Netflix?  For sure Netflix, iTunes, Steams and other online media stores has their purpose, but I'll will not archive my personal medias (docs, photos, videos) on the cloud only like the Chromebook required. 
 Since when a cloud storage is a valuable assets? Local storage will be forever more efficient (performance and cost wise) for working and archiving stuffs than having data stored thousand miles away from our computers.  I think there is more hype than real application to cloud storage services, for me Dropbox is the sweet spot for providing a free basic service that people mostly uses for sharing stuff, I'll never paid for a private online storage, my mac mini at home...
 I found pretty doubtful that Samsung has any valuable software assets.  Apple is one of the few tech company who has 100% ownership of the software they use on their product, which isn't the case for Samsung.  About the A7 design, Samsung is not an ARM architectural licences like Apple, who is one of the original founder of ARM holding and have access to all ARM licences, 
There is something I failed to understand what patent Samsung own that Apple could infringe since all radios technology used in the iPhone comes from of the shelves parts made by third party suppliers like Qualcomm and Broadcom. All patent and licensing fees regarding Wifi and cell phone technologies should be already addressed by those parts supplier, not from Apple.
 Android as copied the original iPhone OS design and concept, just look at the pre-iPhone Android 1.0 to see how much they took the iPhone as an inspiration.  Before the iPhone, every smartphone was looking like Blackberrys, at that time, Android was a blackberry killer with a physical keyboard, the iPhone make them change their mind.  After all, Android is merely a skin over a Java runtime environment, like most first gen smartphone.   
You should write romance books, the truth is much more down to earth:http://www.pcworld.com/article/2082720/report-on-nsa-secret-payments-to-rsa-fuels-encryption-controversy.html 
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