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Here is some of Microsoft realization under Ballmer direction:   Hotmail buyout, now in a steady decline ever since WebTV, does anybody still know what it is? WMA DRM, after M$ screwed all their partner, they finally kill it and screwed every consumer who made the mistake to buy DRM music.  .NET development, what a mess.  Bing, no comments Skype Buyout, After Microsoft screwed them self with their designed not to be cross-platform Messenger, they never supported...
I've got a pneumonia few month ago with other co-workers at my office, should I report this to the news?
 You sir are mistaken.  ART offer is the same VM runtime and run the same Java based apps targeted for Dalvik, the only difference is instead of compiling the apps at runtime, it pre-interprets the bytecode at installation, but it doesn't neglect VM performances taxes on I/O found on those kind of solution.
 Thank you for suggestion, but I will keep using plain old and more efficient wired power technologies instead. 
I think you've missing key understanding on how electro magnetic energy propagation work.  Electromagnetic field that radiate into infinite space and decrease in intensity by an inverse-square law of power, so while we are constantly bathed in radiation of all frequencies, what we absorb is much lesser than 1 watts a days.   You know wifi and microwave oven utilize pretty much the same frequencies, only power output differ.  Actually the microwave oven principle has been...
 Wireless power will never be as efficient as conventional wire power. While I don't care much about the 125 milliwatts wifi or 1 watts cellphone, I do have a lot of concern about irradiating 100 watts of micro-waves in my living room to power a TV or a lamp.
 Silicon vendor can tweak their own builds of Dalvik to maximize performance, but they can't change the specs inside the VM, Dalvik and ART are 32bit VM only, the same way you can always port an emulator or a VM like Dosbox on a new platform and got some performance gain, but apps running within Dosbox are still 16 bit apps even if Dosbox is compiled to run on a 64 bit intel chips.  Same principle applies to Dalvik and ART.  In all case, there is a performance taxes for...
 What is your points? Yes they are other bytecode environment, iOS and OSX compiler itself is the prime example of a low level virtual machine bytecode runtime environment as LLVM stands for.   Beside you can't compare a byte coded binary apps coming from compiler like .NET or LLVM, running on a really thin abstraction layer more like a virtual hypervisor than fully Virtualized machine like Java SE, DalvikVM or ART.  The performance taxes much less to do with how fast the...
 You've got a good point here, ART can run Dalvik apps, so it should use the same Java-ish API from Dalvik. 
 That make me laugh, ART is still a VM but instead of a JIT like Dalvik, ART is an OAT (Ahead-of-time), this mean apps still got a performance taxes from running inside a virtual machine abstraction layer.   If ART yields so much better performance, but still can't match native compiled C code, does it confirm how bad current Dalvik performances are?
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