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 Agree It is always easier to blame some else for their own mistake. Also I do agree the volume of sales do not represent the quality of a product, but it make much more easy to identify a major design flaw if every device is affected with.  Apple has never got a free pass before, every new product Apple comes with is scrutinize by so many groups so happy to get something bad to say about Apple and their product. I totally disagree with you about calling those MacBook...
Quote: I agree, we don't know for sure and Apple has never disclose specs about this, but the original iPhone off the shelve CPU has been dissected by third party on every level and found to work around 1W.  Ever since all iphone got pretty much the same battery capacity and retain the same battery autonomy.  I applause Apple for not adding bigger battery to compensate for any improvement that can be power hungry and instead working for keeping pretty much the same power...
 If you've got the 5Ghz model for you base station and extender, you can split into 2 networks and manage better your bandwidth by splitting your devices between the 2.4ghz and the 5Ghz network.
 You should check and keep an eye on what you have installed and use on your iPad, because Apple has currently sold more iOS7 + A7 devices than any other iOS devices in the past.  If there was a really issue here, be assured the media, fandroids and every competitor would knock on every nails against Apple they can found.
 Apple SoC TDP is working around half of that, around 1W for smartphone and 2W for tablet.
 It need a battery twice has big than the iPhone 5S to achieve 8.5 hours on a looping video with full hardware acceleration, no sound and 50% brightness, which you can't compare with a web browsing test.
 The real world benefit of the A7 is for Apple been able to offer a faster and better CPU than the last year one with more or less the same thermal design power of the last years design.  There is no way any other competitor can achieve this without a better ARM core than current ARMv7 design,  multiplicating cores leads to greater power consumption with smaller performance boost than having bigger enhanced cores.
 I will not hold my breath on this one....  Historically, the pentium architecture as been notoriously big and power hungry, over time Intel as working hard to lower its CPU power consumption by stripping features out, lower the clock frequency and lower the fab process.  In another hand, the ARM processor has been created with the absolute opposite in mind, a small CPU built for power efficiency at first and been augmented overtime.  So ARM SoC still have a lot of...
 Ok.... What is you point?  No intel CPU can reach smartphone TDP levels offer by ARM SoC
 This is a pretty unspecific issue more related to iOS 7 than the new A7, I've been using iOS since the iPhone 3G, I've always seen some apps crashing, most of those apps got updated or disappear after time, I have now a iPhone 5S and a iPad Air, I can't say there is a really issue here, I still got some apps crashing some times, but most of the time it affect older pre-iOS 7 third party apps that needed to be updated.   I haven't found any instability yet using built-in...
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